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leveraging image recognition, deep learning & computer vision

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Who We Are

Pagarba Solutions Is a company committed to intelligent innovation and world class technology to solve the toughest challenges.

We design, build & manage custom solutions to extract value and insight from images, videos, sonar, LIDAR, blockchain, and real-time streams using AI, machine learning, deep learning and computer vision.

We help our clients discover, identify, segment, classify, track & detect objects, assets and more

Come to us if others told you your idea or vision is impossible or has never been done before !

Using cutting-edge cameras, edge sensors, deep learning models, & drones for visual inspection intelligence, AI projects, edge AI IOT projects, image recognition, object detection & computer vision projects.

We don't just build solutions; we make impossible problems intelligent, interactive and innovative !

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What We Do

Identify safety and security violations

Fire & Smoke detection

Path Intrusion detection

Corrosion detection

Anomaly detection

Image recognition & classification

Object Detection & segmentation

Facial Recognition

License plate identificaiton

Visual Inspection Intelligence

We offer a best-in-class underwater drone inspection platform using our proprietary ookeani-luure image and object detection & segmentation system models to identify & count fish, vessels, boats, containers, & more.

Our Solutions span a wide variety of use cases : ship yard inspections, port & harbor security, underwater boat inspections, dock inspections, water tank inspections, container verification, safety & security video analytic surveillance, aquaculture, energy, safety & security, infrastructure inspection and analysis and much much more

Focus on potential risks, activities and events that matter and respond in real-time.

Our Services

AI Strategy & Planning

Artificial Intelligence Strategy & Planning

  • Plan out your Resources to execute on valuable AI projects
  • Identify and select valuable AI projects that will help your business grow and succeed
  • Help shape your companies AI vision & plan to align with your overall business goals and strategy
  • Help your business produce effective and fast results
  • Identify the proper AI opportunities and potential outliers and anomalies in your business processes and strategy
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Video Analytics, Image & Object Recognition

Video Analytics, Image & Object Recognition

Pagarba solutions strategizes, designs & develops AI, Computer Vision, Data Science, underwater inspections & Video Analytics products and solutions for maritime, ports, harbors, boating, marinas, hydropower, aquafarming,  video surveillance systems, traffic systems, CCTV, Mobile phones, and edge IOT devices.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Create Immersive Interactive VR & AR Products

Pagarba XR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality) Interactive Experiences helps your startup or business understand the value of interactive gamified Experiences with mobile applications and applications.

We develop highly interactive incentive rewards based mobile applications and solutions that teach, train, entertain and help your customers enjoy a better overall experience.

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Data Engineering

Unstructured Data  ?

Images and videos ?

Big Data ?

We are used to working with Big Data workloads using AWS, Azure, GCP and frameworks like Hadoop or Spark, and successfully built and deployed AI at scale.

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Lean Product & Process Development & Strategy

Agile & Lean Product & Process Development covers the complete process of bringing new innovative products and solutions to market or improving and transforming existing products.

From strategy to ideas to design , development , execution and support Pagarba’s key executive leaders and engineers work in tandem with you to understand your product vision and goals.

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Training & Mentoring

Our team has extensive knowledge of communication, embedded engineering, firmware best practices, as well as IoT frameworks and technologies.

We follow an analytical agile development process that provides the product and solution roadmap from concept to launch– resulting in cutting edge mobile, mesh and IoT infrastructure implementations.

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Client Testimonials

Pagarba is a key technology partner who has been instrumental in helping us to deliver our 'best in class' Vaccine Management System (AccuVax). They are one of the most powerful best-in-class artificial intelligence companies I've had the please of working with. I've also enjoyed working with the Pagarba Solutions team and continue to recommend them to others.

- Brian Anderson
VP Software Engineering
Trumed Systems

I have gotten at least 50 times the value from blockchain. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Blockchain is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Wow what great service, I love it!

- Orly B.

We have a positive relationship with Pagarba technology solutions. Any challenges were immediately addressed in a timely fashion, changes made to quotes were receptive and follow up was very good. The project went smoothly and their solution has benefited the organization of our supply chain automation warehouse operation needs

- Mark R.

Pagarba Solutions Underwater drone inspections

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underwater drone, teether & drone kit, robot control, mobile app, cloud storage

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Customized cctv video analytics, underwater drone inspection, training, image and object recognition, more

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