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Pagarba is a leading global blockchain, AI and IoT strategy and software firm focused on business transformation using next-gen innovative products, services and technologies

Flexible from Start to Finish

Each stage of design and development bring different challenges

How do you integrate new emerging tech with your existing system?

How do you migrate to the cloud? How to integrate blockchain or DLT ?

Minimize your Risks

Pagarba's philosophy for each and every project is to bring an agile iterative phased approach

Quick Wins Quick Iterations

Adjusting on the fly to deliver a complete cutting edge solution that fits your business requirements and goals

Re-Imagined Innovation

Strategy, Design, Architecture, Development, Implementation, Testing, QA, managed services and support

Pagarba provides and end-to-end blockchain, AI, and IoT service and solution

Proof of Concept | MVP


You have an idea or concept and want to build the mvp or proof of concept

You need good competitive analysis, product market fit and a clear product strategy and roadmap

You need to consult with engineers and data scientists to verify your idea and market fit

Prototype | Alpha | Beta Phase


You already have the proof of concept and MVP

Now You need to design and build a working prototype for Alpah/Beta phases

You need an engineering team experienced in blockchain, AI, and IoT to help prototype the ALpha and Beta phases of your proudct or solution

Productionized Version

product version

You built the POC and Alpha Phase

You tested the prototype

Now It's time to to build a fully-featured product

Start with the Gamma release, move toward a fully tested Version 1 of your product

You need a blockchain, AI, and IoT strategy and software firm ready to develop your product right


managed services

You have a fully-featured product

You have users and customers

You need to scale as your user base grows

You need performance and system optimization

You need automation and continuous integration

You need a team of top developers and dev ops engineers ready to help you scale and manage your platform

Managed Services

managed services

You have a growing user base

You need ongoing support and system management

You need to fix backup, recover, bug fixes, new features

You need a team of top data scientists and dev ops engineers ready to help you manage your platform

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We love blockchain, AI & IoT !

Darrick Sogabe

Darrick Sogabe

CEO | Chief of Product | Co-Founder

Loves agile processes, organization, Great products

15 years experience

Peter Jamack

Peter Jamack

CTO | Managing Director | Head of Strategy, Analytics for blockchain, AI, IoT products and services

Loves decentralization, blockchain, bitcoin, and AI'

20 years experience

Chris Barden

Chris Barden

CIO | Head of Neoteric Innovation | Mentor | SR blockchain, AI, and IoT architect and engineer

Loves blockchain, cloud computing, DIY, Ted Talks, mentoring, computer science, quantum computing, IoT, AI

10 years developing for the future

Dustin Engle

Dustin Engle

VP of Engineering | Head of Hardware and Software Engineering for Neoteric Innovation | Mentor | SR blockchain, AI, and IoT architect and engineer

Loves blockchain, cloud computing, DIY, devops, farming, computer science, quantum computing, IoT, AI

15 years developing for the future

Sukirti Singh

Sukirti Singh

Global Account Manager | Business Development Executive APAC, Americas

Loves blockchain, healthcare, banking, cloud computing, IoT, AI

8 years helping shape future innovations

Services & Solutions

Neoteric Innovation Pied-à-terre

Neoteric Analytical engineering Ideas to unlock business innovation

Accelerate your vision and future with blockchain, AI, IoT



Accessible open-source world class blockchain, AI, IoT, and Quantum Computing education and training



Emerging software and hardware technologies

Develop foundational emerging technologies to help your organization learn, grow, and flourish

Test new concepts



blockchain, AI, machine learning, IoT, wireless communication technologies like LoRa

Product and Market Assessments, Cost Benefit Analysis

Blockchain Adoption Strategies

Blockchain Application Insights

ICO | STO challenges and regulations



END-TO-END design and development blockchain|DLT, artificial intelligence, IoT products, platforms and solutions

Integration with blockchain, ethereum, bitcoin, IOTA, vechain

Smart Contract Development

Crypto secure Wallet and block analytic Explorer

Lora, LoraWAN, NB-IoT

AWS, Google Cloud, DO, Azure, Alibaba

Full Stack from Web/mobile to blockchain to big data/real time integration with blockchain, IOT + blockchain integration, APIs



Medical Device of Secure Things

Cost Optimization and savings by improving efficiency through data insights

Financial planning, Advanced financial analytics, Forecasting, and medical device secure tracking



80% of banking executives expect asset management firms will mainly use cloud-based technology architectures to run their back offices within a few years

Cost Optimization and savings by improving efficiency through AI insights

Fraud predictive Forecasting and anomaly fraud detection



Identity and access management

KYC and AML integration

Security Audit, Compliance rules

Optimize your cloud spend and automate resource optimization and agility into the culture of your organization

AWS, Azure, Google cloud, OpenStack, Docker, hybrid



Optimize Inbound and Outbound Logistics to Increase Profitability and automate away inefficiencies

Cost Optimization and savings by improving efficiency through AI

raw materials to shelf blockchain tracking and automation

Training & Mentoring

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