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Pagarba Labs is building the next-generation of Artificial Intelligence and Decentralized Science

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AI & Machine Learning built for scalability, efficiency , growth & optimization for a web3 world

Pagarba Labs provides Web3 DeSci & DeFi software & artificial intelligence components that empower and enable scientific, clinical and medical systems to automatically acquire data from point of care medical devices such as patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, fecal immunochemical tests, blood glucose analyzers & hemoglobin test.

At Pagarba Labs they’re proud of their experience, expertise and leadership in product development, medical device interfacing & web3 & AI software and security design and development to help improve medical information collection in clinical environments.

Helping eliminate human error and inefficiencies with point of care medical device data collection & charting, and aid in data integration and intelligence analysis for biomedical research where complex data sets can be seamlessly integrated digitally , securely & automatically.

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Our leaders, developers, scientists and developers are passionate about web3, AI, computer vision , blockchain, NFTs, IOT, medical devices & Decentralized Science

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