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What We Do

AI, AR & Computer Vision :

Customer Behavior Tracking

Online stores like Amazon have long been able to take advantage of their digital platform’s analysis capabilities. Customer behavior can be analyzed in detail and the user experience optimized thanks, at least partly, because both are powered by data that tracks what you do across different platforms (e-commerce website + app). The retail industry also wants - needs! –to make it ideal for customers; this means figuring out how they want people interacting with our products or services before we even start offering them up on offer pages. Fortunately there is research available about customer preferences so far as retailers would expect us all behave . And until one had really come close using artificial intelligence

With the help of this technology, retailers now have the opportunity to catch up with online trading and to evaluate customer behavior within their stores in detail. This increases sales, minimizes the time spent in the store, and optimizes the distribution of customers within the store.

Transform your idea & vision into a successful intelligent new product with Pagarba's awesome global team of product leaders, top designers, experienced engineers & software developers, leading AI & computer vision experts & design thinking digital transformation strategy thought leaders.

AI for Aquaculture & Agriculture :

Technology is changing the way people farm. Modern technologies allow farmers to cultivate ever-larger fields efficiently, but this means that these areas must be checked for pests and plant diseases because if overlooked they could lead to painful harvest losses or crop failures. Machine learning provides a remedy; large amounts of data can easily come from drones using satellite images as well as remote sensors which will provide even more precise information about what’s happening on your land!

Our Services

Product Development

We turn your ideas and visions into reality

Accelerate the real-world adoption of  your  AI & Computer Vision applications(edge, IOT, blockchain, mobile & Cloud) by providing a practical lean and agile approach, led by innovators, scientists, engineers and industry experts.

Over 50 years of strategic industry-focused and technical experience and has has brought many mobile, edge, cloud and embedded products to the market.

Lets design & build a product together !

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Strategy & Planning

Helping define AI & Computer Vision strategy, business processes, data requirements, use cases, and validate emerging technology solutions

  • AI & Computer Vision Workshops
    (zoom or face to face)

    • Custom business and technical sessions
    • Jump-start AI pilots
    • Deep-dive into short and long-term AI projects & pilots
  • Use Case Discovery, Identification & Strategy
    • Identify & prioritize AI & Computer Vision use cases
    • Develop AI Strategies around your business goals and mission
    • Strategy & Development of new products, tools, services using AI
  • Data Strategy & Requirements 
    • Assess and determine a roadmap and best practices for data, images, videos,  resources, and technical architecture to best execute your AI & Computer Vision objectives
  • AI Audit & Assessment
    • Pagarba experts work with your leaders and team
    • Audit an existing AI project’s
      • feasibility
      • current state & future state goals
      • data quality,  data access, data privacy & security
      • AI ethics and compliance
      • Existing resources, technology/IT, architecture
      • Roadblocks
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Build & Develop

Computer Vision & AI development

We build, develop & support computer vision & deep learning tools for visual inspections and visual intelligence optimized and designed to be faster, cheaper and more accurate than humans and existing solutions.

We focus on manufacturing visual inspections, image recognition, object detection, facial recognition, edge AI, blockchain powered AI, underwater inspections, & Video Analytics.

Some of the products and solutions we’ve worked on include :

  • visual defect detection for a large manufacturer
  • visual sorting & storage – inventory management system for a retail manufacturer
  • corrosion detection for a maritime port & harbor
  • Intelligent Edge AI video safety & security solution for a marina
  • Underwater Visual Inspection ROV platform solution
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Data Engineering & Data Labeling

Define and implement cloud, edge, and other infrastructure, platform and systems to support AI, computer vision & machine learning

Help you discover how your organization will identify, collect, store, process,  govern & secure valuable data


  • Functional Data, Image, Video Specification
    • Defining data architectures
    • Design & implement Digital transformation AI infrastructure and services
    • Support processing & compute environments for end-to-end AI workloads for cloud, edge, IOT, blockchain
  • Data Management
    • Implementing innovative solutions for data, image, video & audio processing
    • Best practices for governance, and consumption—from graph databases to monitoring agents
    • Best practices for CDNs & video processing platforms
  • Data & Security Architecture & Engineering
    • Design & Develop the architecture to support new data structures, storage, ETL, delivery layers, security & compliance and database management across on-premise, cloud & edge environments
  • DevOPs, MLOps, AIOps
    • We enable and implement AWS, Azure, GCP, NVIDIA, FluidStack, Oracle and other cloud environments necessary to help execute and optimize deployment of AI models
    • Mobile, Edge, IOT & embedded AI deployment best practices
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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Create Immersive Interactive VR & AR Products

Pagarba XR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality) Interactive Experiences helps your startup or business understand the value of interactive gamified Experiences with mobile applications and applications.

We develop highly interactive incentive rewards based mobile applications and solutions that teach, train, entertain and help your customers enjoy a better overall experience.

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Training & Mentoring

Our team has extensive knowledge of communication, embedded engineering, firmware best practices, as well as IoT frameworks and technologies.

We follow an analytical agile development process that provides the product and solution roadmap from concept to launch– resulting in cutting edge mobile, mesh and IoT infrastructure implementations.

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Client Testimonials

Pagarba is a key technology partner who has been instrumental in helping us to deliver our 'best in class' Vaccine Management System (AccuVax). They are one of the most powerful best-in-class artificial intelligence companies I've had the please of working with. I've also enjoyed working with the Pagarba Solutions team and continue to recommend them to others.

- Brian Anderson
VP Software Engineering
Trumed Systems

I have gotten at least 50 times the value from blockchain. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Blockchain is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Wow what great service, I love it!

- Orly B.

We have a positive relationship with Pagarba technology solutions. Any challenges were immediately addressed in a timely fashion, changes made to quotes were receptive and follow up was very good. The project went smoothly and their solution has benefited the organization of our supply chain automation warehouse operation needs

- Mark R.

Pagarba Solutions Underwater drone inspections

Corrosion Detection

underwater drone, teether & drone kit, robot control, mobile app, cloud storage

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Customized cctv video analytics, underwater drone inspection, training, image and object recognition, more

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