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Who We Are

At Pagarba Solutions, we strategize, design, develop, prototype and create interactive Artificial Intelligent inspired Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality products and solutions for dreamers, entrepreneurs, startups, small and large businesses.

We design and develop with state-of-the-art visual tech advancements in deep learning and artificial intelligence along with the latest data science, data labeling and cloud infrastructure MLOps tools to provide high quality, interactive immersive solutions. Even in deployment, our models are continually improved to become more robust and generalizable.

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What We Do

Applying artificial intelligence, visual tech, machine learning & computer vision to your unique business problems and challenges is as easy as using a mobile app. Pagarba Solutions provides a complete cutomized solution that takes your idea, vision and project from the inception phase to a fully mature model deployed in a scalable production environment.

Think of us a your one-stop interactive firm for AI, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, blockchain and Data Science for retail, education, healthcare, human resources, sports fan engagment and gamification, gaming, entertainment and more.

We design & develop great interactive products for you and your customers ––- using artificial intelligence, computer vision, VR/AR/AR and analytics --- whether it's a mobile app, software solution, interactive experience, AI or machine learning for predictions and automation or gamification and security with blockchain --- We build your products with best in class quality always for businesses that:

  • Want a leg up on their competition
  • Want to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world.
  • Want ease of adoption for a more interactive, automated and autonomous streamlined digial experience
  • Want more in depth insights and predictive recommendations for their business

Our Services

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Create Immersive Interactive VR & AR Products

Pagarba XR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality) Interactive Experiences helps your startup or business understand the value of interactive gamified Experiences with mobile applications and applications.

We develop highly interactive incentive rewards based mobile applications and solutions that teach, train, entertain and help your customers enjoy a better overall experience.

Key Industries we Serve :

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Training & Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals & Government
  • Museums & libraries
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AI Planning & Strategy

Artificial Intelligence Planning and Strategy

Get the right use case and assessment before jumping into AI, Machine learning or Computer Vision. Avoid common mistakes which can cause your AI strategy to derail and under-perform.

Pagarba Solutions can help drive and make things right from the start;  from Enterprise Architecture, Data Engineering to Machine Learning to automation and deployment.

With a team of experts adept at developing AI-driven solutions and mobile apps, Anomaly & Fraud Detection Systems, Recommendation Engines & Simulators, predictive analytics,  data science, Computer Vision & image recognition systems for multiple industries like  retail, healthcare, sports, entertainment, manufacturing and education.

Here is what our experts do to design and develop a fully customized AI or computer vision system for your business:

  • Create a data set of labeled annotated images or classifications
  • Create and build the model for solving the problem at hand by extracting relevant features from these images, videos, audio
  • Train deep learning models based on isolated features and parameters
  • Evaluate and test the models using images and videos that were not part of the original training data set
  • Repeat these steps till an acceptable level of accuracy is achieved
  • Optimize and Automate for mobile and digital transformation

.Some of the AI solutions and use cases we’ve worked on  : 

  • Hyper-Personalized Products
    • Recommendation Engines for Retail, Entertainment, Sports, & Healthcare
  • Predictive Analytics & Decision Making simulations
    • Human Resource Predictive Analytics for hiring & employee churn
    • Budget Forecasting for inventory management
    • Demand Forecasting & Planning
  • Anomaly Detection & sentiment pattern recognition
    • Discovering insurance outliers
    • Fraud Detection
    • Risk Analysis & Simulation
    • Public Safety Disaster Simulation scenarios
  • Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Video Analytics, Audio Recognition
    • Defining objects from unstructured data
    • finding specific patterns in images or videos
    • Advanced Sports Video performance analytics
    • Audio & Voice analytics
    • Natural Language Processing, Chatbots & text analytics
  • Conversational Chat bots & NLP
  • Goal Driven Self Healing Self Learning Artificial Intelligence
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Data Engineering

Unstructured Data  ?

Images and videos ?

Big Data ?

We are used to working with Big Data workloads using AWS, Azure, GCP and frameworks like Hadoop or Spark, and successfully built and deployed AI at scale.

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AI Model Design

We love data, images & analytics.  Our excellent data science & machine learning modelers have extensive business and domain experience in many sectors and real world use case. We believe in human designed thinking and agile artificial intelligence solutions using a broad range of technologies, from traditional statistics to Monte Carlo simulations & recommendation engines to classic Machine Learning to Deep Learning, computer vision and image recognition.

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AI & Mobile AI deployment

Models from mvp to prototype to testing to production and support is never an easy process.  MLOps or machine learning continuous integration and operations.

Did your company spend a fortune hiring a PhDs and freelancers only to get a bunch of serialized R models with no actual value in return? We can help you do better.

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Lean Product & Process Development & Strategy

Agile & Lean Product & Process Development covers the complete process of bringing new innovative products and solutions to market or improving and transforming existing products.

From strategy to ideas to design , development , execution and support Pagarba’s key executive leaders and engineers work in tandem with you to understand your product vision and goals.

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Training & Mentoring

Our team has extensive knowledge of communication, embedded engineering, firmware best practices, as well as IoT frameworks and technologies.

We follow an analytical agile development process that provides the product and solution roadmap from concept to launch– resulting in cutting edge mobile, mesh and IoT infrastructure implementations.

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Client Testimonials

Pagarba is a key technology partner who has been instrumental in helping us to deliver our 'best in class' Vaccine Management System (AccuVax). They are one of the most powerful best-in-class artifical intelligence companies I've had the please of working with. I've also enjoyed working with the Pagarba Solutions team and continue to recommend them to others.

- Brian Anderson
VP Software Engineering
Trumed Systems

I have gotten at least 50 times the value from blockchain. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Blockchain is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Wow what great service, I love it!

- Orly B.

We have a positive relationship with Pagarba technology solutions. Any challenges were immediately addressed in a timely fashion, changes made to quotes were receptive and follow up was very good. The project went smoothly and their solution has benefited the organization of our supply chain automation warehouse operation needs

- Mark R.

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