Can Blockchain and IOT enable a smarter more efficient and optimized healthcare and hospital industry ?

The healthcare system in the US isn’t known as a streamlined Or well liked machine. In fact, it rates poorly compared to many other modernized countries in numerous aspects. Part of it is cost. Part of it is insurances and premiums. Part of it is health and well being and dieting and exercising. Or a lack of all of that. How can the US and other countries fix some of the inefficiencies in healthcare ? How can hospitals better optimize their costs and procedures ?

The magic pill of big data , AI, IOT, and blockchain is just a big marketing keyword joke now. Speak to most of these companies or individuals and they don’t even know what half those simple words really mean. Much less help some big healthcare organization improve anything. It’s a hype cycle times a billion.

Some aspects blockchain and IOT and big data and AI can help with are some sort of collection of things with a knack for the identity of medical devices. Hospitals have beds and gear and needles and trash and biohazard material and dead bodies and drugs and toilet paper and towels and sheets and a million other things.

Rewards and incentives can help with proper storage and unloading by doctors , nurses, janitors and others. RFID and QR codes with a little bit of good engineering and automation can secure said medical devices. Even some advanced QR RFID Beacon like device can turn a simple bed into a more intelligent bed.

The reason big data and AI might be more off-chain is blockchain doesn’t exactly do big data storage well. Or if it did , it be seriously inefficient. So encryption, software like Spark and sparkling water or even Keras and tensorflow with a little bit of Kafka for streaming messages and notifications can alleviate some of the storage issues with blockchain. And computation.

The list is young , but blockchain for IOT and IDOT can help improve the inefficiencies in healthcare and hospitals by adopting emerging technologies to secure and track medical devices and supply chains ;

to enable doctors and patients to not only control their own medical data in a secure manner ,but offer incentives for them to earn rewards based on doing good deeds or exercising or eating right;

And by implementing a good digital transformation within the organization, which involves blockchain and IOT and automation, it’ll open up new business use cases or create a more efficient streamlined cost effective organization.

Real or fake or fake a death ?

This was a sad story and confusing to start. Founder and CEO has the cold storage access, passes away and nobody can get the 150+ million in crypto stored. Why only the fonder given sole custody and access in the first place is absurd. But happens as people are naive.

The story started getting more interesting with rumors swirling around reddit and social media about his death , his odd trip and disappearance. And the more people look into this, the more a lot of it sounds like a shady business to start with. Again , why only the CEO and founder if certain standard security policies were followed ?

And to throw another rumor into the pipe mill, what if he was held hostage or murdered ? It wouldn’t be surprising or hard to do. $150 million is a lot of money. And it seems this company and guy really shouldn’t have run an exchange to begin with.

Did he die naturally at such a young age ? And Why did the CEO ,who has sole custody of all these funds , suddenly leave his own company to go on some save his life or charitable philanthropy expedition? And why didn’t he have some legit backup plan for situations like this ? If he was really sick, wouldn’t this be a huge worry in the first place ?

Some shady happenings in the crypto exchange space.