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Why and the what of smart contracts on blockchain …

Smart Contracts are a term originally thought to be coined by Nick Szabo in the mid 1990s. He is a renowned… Read More

Cardano and new balance partner for supply chain on blockchain tracking authentic premium sneakers

Good stuff and real world companies and use case for Cardano and blockchain. ” Beginning as a pilot, the plan is to roll the program… Read More

Amazon , google , Comcast becoming healthcare and telemedicine companies ?

You can’t go a day without hearing about some new potentially disruptive Telehealth, telemedicine, and healthcare transformation product and solution. Amazon wants to create the… Read More

Digital Identity and verification processes on blockchain will change the game for business and university background checks

There has been a global challenge finding enough qualified programmers , cybersecurity experts , nurses , truck drivers, teachers and more. But that’s also helped… Read More

FPGA over GPU and CPU

When would you use an FPGA ? Maybe you need to optimize a chip for a particular workload, or you need to make changes at… Read More