3D models using google Swirl for adversiting

Artificial Intelligence, especially Computer Vision, image and video recognition analytics and procedural machine learning automation integrated with Virtual and Augmented Reality are pushing technology, businesses and industry into the future. As remote and virtual And on demand food deliveries became the norm during covid quarantines, we are heading into this new future and reality whether we want to or not.

Google Swirl and 3D programmatic advertising and marketing will become the new norm.

What is Swirl ?

Swirl lets consumers engage with a product like it’s right in front of them by allowing them to rotate, zoom and expand the 3d version of an object in the ad.

Swirl 3D ads allow brands to illustrate changes in behavior, new technology performance, unique product features and utilized within some AR programmatic ad, it’ll make the entire customer experience interactive.

One example :

adidas Latin America highlights innovative product design

adidas LATAM was looking to capture user attention and showcase the innovative redesign of the adidas Ultra Boost 2019 shoe. adidas LATAM and creative agency EdgeDNA created Swirl ads that allow prospective buyers to get an up-close look without having to visit a store.

Swirl ads drove a 4x higher engagement rate than rich media benchmarks and had an average viewable time of 11 seconds, which indicated that the ad captured user attention.

The 3D creatives also drove a return on ad spend (ROAS) of ~2.8 for the Colombia market.

Brands are seeing great success using Swirl ads for various campaign goals. This includes increasing consideration by showcasing product features, building brand awareness and delivering a great mobile experience.

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Google Swirl for 3D advertising