Pagarba Solutions

Headquartered in beautiful San Diego, CA

We are a global provider of aerial & underwater visual inspection solutions for safey & security

Utilizing proprietary technology powered by

Artificial intelligence, Computer Vision and Data Science

The Ookeani-luure platform is an advanced visual inspection IoT software-as-a-service (SaaS) video analytics charged platform. Designed for a more sustainable maritime and aquaculture ecosystem

We deliver intelligent video analytics & digitization for safety & security visual inspections, shipping optimization projects such as dock inspections, container identification, security awareness intelligence, ship repair & hull inspections, spot threats, simulate & predict safety risks & concerns, identify vessels & fish; turnkey projects, including offshore and underwater based management of intelligent assets, powered with image recognition and object detection techology.

Who ?

At the head of Pagarba, we have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced industry leaders, all dedicated to growing and adding value to our customers’ business in the most effective and analytical way possible. Our team has worked at or for companies such as Teradata, Boeing, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, EY, EA Sports, Cigna, Kaiser, Mayo Clinic, Dell, EMC, VmWare, Standard Chartered, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, TMobile, Verizon as well as for various US Federal and state Government Agencies.

We help strategize, implement and deliver deep knowledge in innovative products utilizing leading practices for XR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality), Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Digital Twins XR solutions, blockchain, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, IoT, IIoT, cloud, big data technologies like Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, Bluetooth and radio frequency communications technology like LoRa, mobile applications, embedded systems and firmware and cryptography.


Using emerging AI, computer vision & data science to improve lives and contributing to a better nautical & maritime ecosystem


Driven by Sustainability, Positivity & Creativity : Don’t fear mistakes, be open to innovative ideas for the future

Experiment, Pursue new challenges with excitement, novelty and awareness

Act with kindness and integrity

Since the start of 2016, we have worked on many top enterprise and Digital Transformation projects including:

Based in San Diego and Atlanta, Pagarba has offices in the US – Charlotte, Los Angeles, San Francisco as well as an office in Hong Kong.

How it Started

Pagarba was incubated as a machine learning and blockchain concept back in 2013 by Darrick Sogabe and Peter Jamack, who met each other while working for Teradata. Finally with the introduction of Chris Barden and Dustin Engle years later, the right group of minds, vision, experiences, talent, and will power helped form and build an innovative technology company with a special focus on Immersive Emerging Tech XR Experiences (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality) as well as AI, Computer Vision, security and blockchain.

Executive Team

Darrick Sogabe

CEO & Co-founder

darrick sogabe

Peter Jamack

COO & Co-founder

Peter is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategist at Pagarba Solutions, leading all operations, strategies, growth and go-to-market for the company. Prior to joining Pagarba Solutions he was an Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and blockchain advisor and architect. He led emerging tech programs for AI & big data products & services at companies like Teradata, Accenture, EY & ESET.

peter jamack

Dustin Engle


Dustin is Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect & Engineer for AI, blockchain & IOT at Pagarba Solutions, leading all technology strategies and decisions for the company. Prior to joining Pagarba Solutions he was an an award winning blockchain engineer, hardware and firmware engineer and full stack developer working on cutting edge open source projects for the military and fortune 500 companies.

dustin engle

Chris Barden

Chief of Innovation

Chris is co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer & VP of Data Engineering for AI, big data, blockchain & IOT at Pagarba Solutions, leading all R&D innovative experiments, missions, demos, R&D research and more. Prior to joining Pagarba Solutions he was an a full stack developer, big data Hadoop and spark expert, data scientist and blockchain engineer working on cutting edge open source projects for the fortune 500 companies and large gaming studios.

chris barden

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