AI for physical security to help ports, harbors, boating & marinas

Human beings can’t really multi-task. We imagine we can and are, but it’s not really multitasking. While we do watch tv as we check our email and text a friend or colleague while watching our kids do virtual schooling all the while trying to prepare lunch… See we are multitasking and it sounds great in theory, but we aren’t really multitasking. We’re just distracted and busy.

Imagine doing all those things while trying to identify 100 containers or boats or people or fish. Or help secure or save a life? Distracted driving is frowned upon. Distracted lives have become our norm though even as many worked virtually.

Our brain takes in light sensor activities and integrates all the prior knowledge and the “bit” in the middle is what our brain thinks and sees. It also is really only concentrated on one Task at a time in a procedural step by step manner. And as we get older our body and mind starts slowing down. It’s why many of the professional Egame video game stars are young. Their brain rapid click twitch muscles and neurons work faster. As we are many video game skills get worse by default. We See it with professional athletes as they age. Some adapt , some don’t. Some pretend they are still 22.

Humans can’t detect millions of faces or objects or assets or sounds efficiently. There is no magic way for humans to optimize or scale the way we watch 10 cameras, much less 50 or more cameras all at once. Add the fact all the above comes with the responsibility to send out alerts and notifications; communication with the right folks; and add the determination of detailed actionable insights to the mix and it becomes far more complicated. Why put the safety and security of such calculations and predictions at greater risk ?

Sometimes seconds can save lives or assets. Or notice a bolt out of thousands of bolts is slightly off and might need to be fixed today not Next month. Humans aren’t great at fusing data and images and videos and historical trends and sure not in some three dimensional 360 degree view across many docks or marinas or boats.

Computers are built to multitask and identify millions of images and videos in milliseconds. Artificial intelligence Algorithms are designed to scale and spot trends. AI systems aren’t going to replace humans, but it will make their lives and jobs more efficient and maybe even save lives or harbors and assets.

AI systems can simulate and spot trends, process more data and images , improve the clarity of video and audio analytics, pull far more information and intelligence from a variety of sources , improve decision making , and cut down on false positives .

Maritime AI powered video analytics and surveillance simulation systems open up new Access control plans , offer better optimized routing solutions , improve disaster response plans , and open up the possibilities to simulate millions of ‘what if this happens’ scenarios. Imagine being able to spot outliers at a port or harbor, identify unusual activities. What can detecting, counting and identifying containers, vessels , hulls and faces do for your organization or marina ?. And do it at enormously large big data scale.

More information, more accurate , better reaction time , easier to scale and predict trends