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AI Strategy & Planning

Charge into the future with AI

Pagarba Solutions helps define, plan & recommend your AI Strategy

Develop a fully customized Artificial Intelligence solution for your business

  • Implement AI & model assessments
  • Create a data set of labeled annotated images or classifications
  • Create and build the model for solving the problem at hand by extracting relevant features from these images, videos, audio
  • Train deep learning models based on isolated features and parameters
  • Evaluate and test the models using images and videos that were not part of the original training data set
  • Repeat these steps till an acceptable level of accuracy is achieved
  • Optimize and Automate for mobile and digital transformation

AI solutions and use cases we’ve worked on  : 

  • Hyper-Personalized Products
    • Recommendation Engines for Retail, Entertainment, Sports, & Healthcare
  • Predictive Analytics & Decision Making simulations
    • Human Resource Predictive Analytics for hiring & employee churn
    • Budget Forecasting for inventory management
    • Demand Forecasting & Planning
  • Anomaly Detection & sentiment pattern recognition
    • Discovering insurance outliers
    • Fraud Detection
    • Risk Analysis & Simulation
    • Public Safety Disaster Simulation scenarios
  • Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Video Analytics, Audio Recognition
    • Defining objects from unstructured data
    • finding specific patterns in images or videos
    • Advanced Sports Video performance analytics
    • Audio & Voice analytics
    • Natural Language Processing, Chatbots & text analytics
  • Conversational Chat bots & NLP
  • Goal Driven Self Healing Self Learning Artificial Intelligence
  • Video Analytics, Image Recognition, Object Recognition