Better Training, Recruiting, & Onboarding with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual & Augmented Reality

COVID-19 and everything else going on in 2020 has accelerated the integration of VR, AR, MR and AI. In the fields of corporate training, HR recruitment and onboarding the adoption of interactive immersive technologies is picking up speed rapidly.

This trend is not only being driven by covid19 quarantines – but also by the promise of a better interactive and scalable way of finding and analyzing candidates, matching their personas with recommended opportunities and finally training and onboarding these new hires in a far more interactive useful scenario.

In this post, we look at what immersive interactive technology is, why it’s valuable and exciting, and how it can be used to find, train , and onboard the best talent.

What is interactive immersive technology ?

Immersive technology is an integration of Various digital content and assets with an alignment and philosophy relating to the physical world in a way that allows the visitor or actor – who accesses the content or asset via a headset, mobile phone, or other digital device – to engage, collaborate and participate with a completely virtual or ‘mixed’ reality environment.

Immersive technologies include:

  • Virtual reality (VR) :
    immerses visitors and actors in a fully
    artificial digital realm or 360-degree video
  • Augmented reality (AR) :
    overlays virtual objects with the real-world
  • Mixed reality (MR) :
    overlays and anchors virtual objects with the real world

Research has proven that the use of interactive immersive technologies for education and training significantly improves knowledge retention and confidence levels whilst reducing skill fade, anxiety and interest levels.

Social distancing restrictions have driven the rapid growth of interactive immersive training, remote learning and soft-skills training via virtual or augmented mixed-reality solutions and platforms, but there is a bountiful very real return on investment (ROI) it brings to individuals , entrepreneurs and organizations.

Interactive immersive technology applications for business

Post Covid and everything else, the most successful entrepreneurs and organizations are going to be those that seize effective alternatives to face-to-face events and meetings, training , onboarding and conferencing.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality tools are leagues apart from more traditional video conferencing platforms. Zoom has been huge during 2020, but it’s not interactive or immersive.

The VR & AR solutions offer an interactive and highly effective and simulated training, onboarding and conferencing environment for visitors.

Integrating immersive technology into an organizations recruitment and hiring process is a natural next step. From catching the attention of the brightest young students to using AI-driven insights to finding and recommending the perfect candidate, the potential for positive industry disruption is upon us.

Immersive technology to attract potential new candidates

Finding and reaching out to young potential candidates (especially college students) will require a more interactive immersive and gamification like challenges and incentives. It’s a great way for organizations to speak directly to their target candidates and hires.

The creation and personification of customized VR and AR recruiting games allows visitors , actors and players to try their hand at tasks that employees may encounter on a daily basis. This is far better than some behavioral analysis interview exam or a coding test that was outdated 20 years ago.

This is a great way to create a cool brand and better visibility into your cool innovative organization. Individuals who enjoy playing the game and the interview process are also more likely to not only apply for a position with the organization but also speak in a positive light about the brand and style.

This method of recruitment outreach is highly effective and scalable, as visitors, actors and players can access the content from a mobile device or tablet or laptop as well as any brand of VR headset like an oculus quest.

After catching the attention of potential applicants using VR and AR technology, the same tools can also be used on the next stage of the recruitment process.

It is logistically challenging and very expensive to host potential candidates for visits to your company premises, especially in a global candidate remote work kind of world. Yet the majority of applicants will want to experience their potential future working environment in one form or another. What’s the company like, what about culture, team , collaboration and communication?

So utilizing a custom-made 360-degree VR video with unique audio, and experiences it is possible to offer a realistic and attractive interactive experience where potential candidates can access on any digital device. This gives organizations the chance to show off their environment, facilities, opportunities and locality in a controlled well designed manner. It encourages potential applicants to visualize themselves as a part of the organization’s environment.

Immersive technology for hiring

So now the potential applications have landed in the HR inbox, the insights and analysis has narrowed down the candidate pool, so now what ?

The real HR challenge is looking past the CV resume to assess those really important personal, professional and fit qualifications.

The traditional recruiting assessment model no longer works and now remote skill evaluations, exams and tests accessed by potential candidates already exist. It’s time to think in VR and AR and how virtual reality recruiting platforms will have a better return on the HR recruiting process. Gone are the expensive and time-consuming group challenges and individual tests, with their need for travel and in-person all day measuring the bigger ego stick interview days.

In 2020 and beyond, top organizations are embracing interactive intelligent immersive experiences.

A company may choose to design and personalize their very own interactive experience scenario for potential recruits to engage with using their mobile phones.

The experience would say involve the navigation of a virtual reality environment – maybe a storage warehouse and interaction with digitized ‘boxes or logistical processes ’, and the manipulation of virtual ‘assets and models ’. It’s like a warehouse digital twin.

The interactive experience would test working knowledge of the specific industry, as well as the ability to synthesise information, processes , collaboration, and communication.

Money saving opportunities are also an attractive reason to explore virtual recruitment options, and that the scalable, low-input nature of the technology stands to benefit rapidly-scaling organizations.

Artificial intelligence with VR for better hiring process insights

Humans can be inconsistent and unpredictable in their judgements of other people. And it’s Nearly impossible if there are 1,000 openings around the globe and 100k random applications and possible candidates.

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Natural language processing, chatbots and automaton integrated within the hiring process, improves things tenfold.
Embedding procedural AI generation and automation into VR and AR, and integrating a more streamlined process to gather and analyze a ton of meaningful big data will build a better more efficient recruiting process.

A candidate could use the VR AI recruiting solution to visit a conference room, where the interviewer (or a computer avatar) would ask the usual interview questions.

Behind the scenes the AI models and algorithms would analyze vocal intonation, sentiment, subconscious body language sensors and verbal utterance in order to properly evaluate the candidate on any number of metrics. Metric based fair Scores and recommendations could be produced in parallel to build better performance scores from previous challenges designed to assess physical dexterity or verbal reasoning capacities, and used to underpin the final decision making process.

So why Pagarba Solutions ?

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