boating & marinas

boating & yachts

Marina Safety & Security

Protect your vessels, assets, fuel, customers & marina and prevent unauthorized intruders or accidents

intrusion detection

Advanced AI video analytics

Safety & Security
for Marinas and vessels

boats & marinas

Our advanced AI video analytics safety & security solution locks down your perimeter

Secured with a fence-mounted bounding box virtual perimeter that can integrate with your CCTV or IP cameras

Won’t crumble because of adverse weather conditions or tampering

sensor cables

Open areas secured and protected with Pagarba Solutions proprietary IoT intelligent sensors virtually buried and underground

Seismic and thermal sensor detection

cruise ship

Set up notifications and alerts with the easy to use Mobile App

Notify & alert the appropriate security guards or local authorities

yachts and boats

Pagarba Solutions protects and secures your marina & vessels

High-level advanced AI Video analytics security

Hidden & undetectable

100% reliable across the USA, Canada , Caribbean, Central & South America and Southeast Asia

For private docks and marinas