Cardano , bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain

” One of the biggest problems with Bitcoin,” he began, “is that it’s blind, deaf and dumb and that was by design.” 

This was appropriate for its earliest ambitions, he said, proposing that the two core features of the Bitcoin experiment were “will Proof-of-Work evolve into a decentralized system and will the token achieve value?”

The power of bitcoin is also it’s weakness. And Proof of work (POW) has proven to work when it comes to the network like a bitcoin, but it also has proven to consume a worlds worth of energy just because it can. It’s also a cult like following and all the crypto and blockchain have these evangelists and shills who ruined the space.

Bitcoin frankly is the brand of cryptocurrencies. We can’t say, oh, I’m going to succeed but Bitcoin’ll fail. if Bitcoin fails, the whole industry’s probably in for a really bad time.

I agree , that maybe one day far in the future a new better scalable Ethereum will exist or an actual production ready for real use cases Cardano will be popular. Or bitcoin will have other forks that solve different use cases. The problem now are the fake YouTube thought leaders and the crypto financial advisor prediction experts and the evangelical developers or the delusional shills.

Nobody really wants a million different crypto tokens. Nobody needs them. Buy some bitcoin to get my shiny worthless token to exchange for another new token just to pay for gas to use my platform that forked from something else and offers no real value on top. Or it was just a simple Create a new token “smart contract” where you need a bunch of different crypto’s just because.

Or worse yet create some platform with a couple of ec2 instances and S3 on aws with hyperledger blockchain. Call it immutable and “secure”. And pretend kafka shouldn’t be mentioned.

A lot of potential and use cases with crypto and blockchain. A lot of Evangelical shilled nonsense though that scares away people who don’t care or don’t know. And we need the regular people to make crypto and blockchain successful. And bitcoin needs to succeed. It’s like saying if the iPhone failed it wouldn’t have mattered. We’d have a far different world.