Ookeani-luure digital ocean intelligence

digital ocean

Ookenai luure…

The “digital” ocean intelligence platform for the blue economy.

The Blue Economy includes ports , harbors , marinas , fisheries, transportation & logistics, offshore energy, hydropower stations , tourism and more.

blue economy

oceans influence all natural cycles

are directly or indirectly involved with all economic sectors

Oceans produce up to 80% of the oxygen we breathe

40% of the world’s population depend on marine and coastal biodiversity

An interconnected and integrated mesh of unmanned surface vehicles & ROVs, high sensitivity subsea sensors, acoustic analysis sonar, multi-spectral imagining, satellites, ships, buoys, drones, smart ports and smart cities all powered and fused together with intelligent automaton algorithms and computer vision, artificial intelligence, data science, photogrammetry, cloud and edge computing.

The Ookeani-luure platform and solution innovates ocean intelligence to create a global advanced ocean, river , lake , stream and clean water AI management safety and security platform – aka “the digital ocean.”

Smart cities have digital twins.

Pagarba Solutions is building the digital ocean.

A digital ocean intelligence platform would provide knowledge needed to enable oceans, rivers , lakes & streams to not only continue being the lifeblood of our planet but enhance our ability to deal with this climate crisis and security threats from all levels. According to the World Resources Institute, ocean-based solutions could close the emission gap by 21 percent.

These solutions include renewable energy production, new carbon sequestration strategies, optimizing shipping and logistics, better transparency in a global trading ocean economy ecosystem, improving the safety and security and efficiency of ports and harbors, optimizing fisheries and aquaculture and hydropower as well as improved ocean-based transport.

Better ocean knowledge is the cornerstone of these capabilities, enabling us to leverage the ocean’s amazing ability to hide or eliminate humans past and future mistakes and chart a new healthier path for earth.

The initial release is solving the corrosion problem with an AI and computer vision corrosion detection and prediction solution for the maritime industry

corrosion detection