Fake stake POS issue …

There was a recent study done by a group of student researchers that found a vulnerability in proof of stake (POS) crypto’s. It looks like 26 different crypto coins could be affected.

They called the vulnerability, “fake stake” and it allows malicious actors to crash a network node running PoS, without having a majority stake. Makes sense they called it fake stake.

From the researchers report,

“Essentially, [Fake Stake attacks] work because PoSv3 implementations do not adequately validate network data before committing precious resources (disk and RAM). The consequence is that an attacker without much stake (in some cases none at all) can cause a victim node to crash by filling up its disk or RAM with bogus data. We believe that all currencies based on the UTXO and longest chain Proof-of-Stake model are vulnerable to these Fake Stake attacks.”

It seems Qtum, which tries to combine Bitcoin and its UTXO model and Ethereum and its account model was vulnerable but fixed the issue.

Cardano doesn’t seem to be vulnerable to this issue , probably because it wasn’t built based on UTXO nor just cloned and forked from some other blockchain. Ethereum plans a POS, but who knows when that’ll actually be ready vs tested in a sandbox.