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What would you do if the Big One struck right now ? ? ?
Pagarba's HopeBox is a decentralzied real-time private communications system for emergencies

When natural disasters like earthquakes strike, communication systems break down, hope is lost, and relief efforts face an enormous amount of challenges.

Pagarba's HopeBox is a decentralized real-time long-range emergency communications base station and mesh network that enables first responders, volunteers, government agencies, humanitarian organizations and the community to coordinate more efficient and organized relief efforts with real-time GIS maps, community status updates, text messaging, emergencry responder task and checklist, automated drone tracking, and more.

It's a blend of emerging and existing technologies in ICT, blockchain, AI, IoT, Lora Mesh, LoraWAN, software defined radio, blockchain, arduino, cryptography autonomous drones, automation, and more.

Client References

Brian Anderson
Head of Software Engineering

"Pagarba is a key technology partner who has been instrumental in helping us to deliver our 'best in class' Vaccine Management System (AccuVax). I've enjoyed working with the Pagarba team and continue to recommend them to others."