How can cruise lines recover in 2021 ?

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Covid-19 has told a very valuable narrative for the cruise industry in 2020 and the future.

It has crippled one of the industry’s brightest stars. And with High-profile outbreaks, no-sail orders and lock-downs it has also taken the crowns of several smaller brands, thus drastically reversing the fortunes of the most dominant players.

Revenues dropped around 85-99% for the three major operators and the number of passengers is projected to decline from over 30 million in 2019 to very low millions in 2020.

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The industry became especially vulnerable to Covid-19, but with some better safety and security precautions and a little bit of contactless Facial Recognition & AI software, it could come back as strong as ever.

Nobody expects that the cruise industry will suddenly bounce back bigger and brighter than ever tomorrow though.

It must restore trust and confidence—with passengers, authorities and the general public. The leaders in the industry must progressively extend operations with a strategy that emphasizes on safety, security and overall protection and reduction of the risk of infection. And not just Covid-19, but what how can they adapt and be smarter for future viruses or pandemics.

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When a cruise ship has been inspected, licensed, disinfected and regularly audited for all of the above to ensure that management processes, policies, routines and risk-mitigation measures meet with comparable hospital and NASA like requirements, confidence can be regained.

Millions of cruise fans are excited to get back on board and travel, but they are still nervous about infection. They are nervous about the spread. They are nervous about surviving.

As part of the marketing and advertisement strategy, cruise ship leaders should rely on trustworthy grooming , disinfecting, inspection and cleaning processes and rituals when describing how this would not compromise the overall traveler experience, so peace of mind is paramount.


Covid-19 has shown the world that while we are all connected, it is also very very divided.

Different countries have adopted very different approaches and policies to combating it.

At the same time, evidence suggests the virus takes hold in different places, at varying times and in all sorts of ways.

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Ports, harbors and port authorities are keen to show their commitment to the safety and security of society and can demand their own requirements, generating uncertainty for cruise operators.

For example, Singapore and the Singapore Tourism Board designed and developed
Cruise-Safe. It’s a policy and procedure framework benchmarked against local and global standards and protocols for which DNV GL was entrusted with the creation of a cruise compliance audit and certification program.

The framework and standard was based on the experience of specific credentials that came from more than 600 hospitals.