Is proof of Insurance the next blockchain trend ?

I was reading up on this , Proof of Insurance pilot by Marsh, and it has some redeemable qualities to it. However paragraphs like this ,

Originally introduced as a proof of concept last April, Marsh’s blockchain-powered proof of insurance automates and streamlines the manual process, allowing clients to speed up necessary business functions while increasing coverage certainty.

I’m a bit confused in this. Maybe Marsh is old school and behind the times. As stressful and painful as any kind of insurance is these days , I’ve rarely had to do many things manually with may if them. Progressive and Geico are simple online and even mobile app portals now. There are others where you answer a few questions and get a bunch of quotes in return.

Yes, plenty of things could still be automated , but car insurance has been simplified by a lot of firms. You can take a picture with your smart phone app after an accident these days. How would you automate that? Buy a Tesla like car that sends all the data back anyway ?

Streamlining processes makes perfect sense to me, and integrating salesforce and hyperledger for insurance could be useful. But it’s just another database like verification process over some cutting edge proof of insurance new blockchain consensus protocol. That would be different.