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Kudzu Automated Asset Intelligence (KaaIM)


Transform your Supply Chain



improves operational efficiency by helping organizations better understand their supply chain and engage consumers with real, verifiable, and immutable data


build trust by capturing key data points, like certifications and claims.
Provide open access to verifiable data.
Data authenticity can be verified by third-party attestors.


Using blockchain, one may “tokenize” an asset by splitting an object into shares that digitally represent ownership.
Similar to how a stock exchange allows trading of a company’s shares, this fractional ownership allows tokens to represent the value of a shareholder’s stake of a given object.

These tokens are tradeable, and users can transfer ownership without the physical asset changing hands.

Automation Intelligence

Create tamper-proof smart contracts that automatically implement terms of multiparty agreements.

Streamline and automate anything from purchase orders and shipping notifications to inventory management, reporting and analytics



Asset Intelligence






Asset Tracking

Document Verification


powered by blockchain, AI, & IoT
enforced & verified by smart contracts
hospitals & healthcare,
manufacturing and supply chain,
retail & inventory management,
trade finance & financial services

Kudzu helps improve bottom lines,

Secure and track devices &

Optimize the supply chain

Kudzu was designed for all digital assets.
It has support for tangible and intangible assets ranging from healthcare patient data, hospital medical device data, perishable inventory management, security layouts, payments, manufacturing heavy equipment, real estate land property, physician medical charting and more.

automated asset management

Intelligent Automation for Enterprise & Digital Asset Management

Intelligence, Automation and Security

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Kudzu transforms your Enterprise or Digital Asset Management systems by utilizing bluetooth, LoRa, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptography, encryption, mobile capabilities, IoT, and GIS data to track and better manage your digital assets, fixed assets and field staff

Kudzu provides organizations and employees the mobility to work more efficiently while completing more work orders. It automates workflows for proactive and predictive inventory and supply chain management.

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your EAM or DAM systems,
I encourage you to speak with one of Pagarba’s Digital Transformation experts. Let us help you better understand the benefits and operational improvements we can bring to your organization.

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