Secure security use blockchain

Need to be well aware of opportunistic social engineering plots. Never stops. Inside jobs. Phishing scams. Email workarounds.

Two law firms in British Columbia were the victims of a social engineering scheme that caused $2 million in real estate and investment funds to be diverted.  In each case, the thief used email addresses nearly identical to that of the true client.

In one case, the client had instructions from the firm to transfer funds in person, but before the client could do so, the firm received an email from that client.  Unfortunately, the email was really from the fraudster, the firm wired the funds into the fraudster’s account, and the client never received the funds.  The email was an exact copy of the real client’s email address.”

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Buy chocolate, get a token

This is an interesting experiment and trying to give back to the farmers who grow the food.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out , how blockchain and the supply chain and loyalty like good cause incentives play out.

It’s also about going one step further than “Fairtrade” products. The Other Bar‘s website promises the initiative leaves 50 percent of the value generated by chocolate sales in Ecuador, where its cocoa is sourced, instead of just seven percent “like most bars.” It also claims Ecuadorian cocoa farmers are paid twice the industry average for their product.”

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Cool IoT and Edge device and open source FPGA hardware and platform.

” Vitis unified software platform enables the development of embedded software and accelerated applications on heterogeneous Xilinx platforms including FPGAs, SoCs, and Versal ACAPs.

It provides a unified programming model for accelerating Edge, Cloud, and Hybrid computing applications. Develop in languages like C++ or Python using accelerated libraries or use RTL-based accelerators & low-level runtime APIs for more fine-grained control over implementation…”

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Nobody trusts or likes Facebook

I’m not even sure why people are surprised or shocked firms are backing out. I’m not even sure why a PayPal and Facebook would be considered better than just using Bank of America.

The reality is Nobody likes or trusts Facebook. People use it. They also use Comcast and Verizon and both are considered some of the worst companies in monopolistic industries.

Mark Z is on the bottom of any list of likable characters. And while Elon Musk acts like a narcissistic child with a temper tantrum at times, he has a cult like Steve Jobs following and in one way or another wants to help change the world. Zuckerberg and his c-level cohorts at Facebook come off as some creepy weird serial killer stalker personalities out to harm the world, not make it better. Huge difference.

Some local drug dealer trying to sell heroin to children is thought to be one of the lowest of the lows in society. Nobody on the planet believes this is a good character or personality trait. What kind of evil person would sell drugs to a 12 year old old kid ?

Tobacco companies were destroyed for marketing lies to young people. And yet Facebook and other apps tap into the same behavioral modification traits and chemical brain wave balances and imbalances. We all know Stanford and other elite universities have courses and majors about behavioral psychology and gamification and personality modification.

Studies have been done. Claims have been made. Stories written and released. We know what social media and gamification is all about. It’s no different than a drug dealer selling crack or heroin to people. So what’s the difference between a Mark Zuckerberg and his cohorts at Facebook and some local drug dealer selling drugs to a 12 year old ?

Truth be told , Mark is probably a million times worse than your local hated drug dealer pushing heroin to kids. But nobody wants to admit it. Cause he’s a techie. He’s Silicon Valley. But he’s just as evil as that drug dealer selling to kids. Actually far worse.

It’s also Why things like Libra aren’t crypto. Aren’t blockchain. And should never exist. Say no to Libra.

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Cryptography video playlist introduction

Good introduction to cryptography playlist with 20+ university courseware videos.

Take a look , learn some basics and more about cryptography.

Intro to cryptography playlist

(YouTube videos)

Intro cryptography text book pdf

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Why and the what of smart contracts on blockchain …

Smart Contracts are a term originally thought to be coined by Nick Szabo in the mid 1990s. He is a renowned computer scientist and cryptographer. Basically he thought smart contracts could combine protocols with user interfaces to formalize and secure relationships over computer networks.

Years later bitcoin came about and then ethereum and the concept of a Turing compete blockchain platform opened up this smart contract concept to the rest of the world. Smart contra today can be thought to leverage and convert a contract into logic and computer code, stored and replicated on a technology system like blockchain, and under authority and supervision of the distributed decentralized computer network.

How Smart Contracts work

A contract enforced and defined by cryptography and in some instances , computational gas costs(ethereum). They are self executing, rules-based programmatic code and built within a if-then-else logic tree. Think of a real estate or eBay or Craigslist transaction by two or more parties exchanging funds and the entire process is automated and secured within a smart contract Escrow released payment cycle. And these payments are only release based on the logic within that smart contract.

Think Voting transparency and storage possibilities. Digital healthcare identity’s and medical records stored on blockchain. And many more people are cases.

Smarter contracts automate away the complexities of third party payments and inefficient processes. The strength is the blockchain network, private or public , which provides some form of distributed immutability and security, reliability, and transparency.

As a business or organization you feel secure and comfortable in your knowledge that relationships between customers, vendors , partners , contractors and employees are built within this automated intelligent secure smart contract blockchain network. An Optimized efficient and less manual process without the need for paperwork .

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