Good infograph about an STO vs ICO. The bigger challenge is it gets back to the rich get richer and average person left out concept.

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Blockchain will keep you young …

Can Blockchain help you stay young ?

Maybe, maybe not but here are a few ways to look and feel younger….

  • Exercising and staying active
  • Learn a new skill or language
  • Sleep
  • Well balanced diet
  • Friends and family

Exercising and staying active

It’s well known that any kind of exercise, whether 20 minutes a day or a walk up the stairs, helps you stay healthy and young.

In fact , exercising helps your brain remove proteins like amyloid. This is one of those proteins that accumulate over time and some believe play a part in Alzheimer’s or make those with Alzheimer’s worse. And there hasn’t been a drug that lowers amyloid.

Blockchain and exercise….

maybe with a Fitbit and some heart-rate sensors that monitor whether your heartbeats faster or slower, maybe written to the Blockchain. Possibly obtain rewards with a token or bitcoin for more steps , better heart rate , cholesterol, etc. maybe some amyloid like sensor. If possible.

So there is a use case for Blockchain here.

Learn a new skill or language

There is a ton of research around challenging your brain to reduce your risks of dementia. But how complex does the challenge have to be to reduce dementia? Learn mandarin at 75? Learn cryptography at 65? Learn how to salsa dance at 90? Skydive at 100? And how often , how much is needed ?

Finding new activities that interest you and trying to get better is the important part. Your brain stays active and interested.

Instead of your brain just giving up sometimes , it’ll find alternative options because it’s always finding new challenges.

Blockchain and new challenges …

Of course learning about Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and technology is a challenge , but it serves no purpose if someone quits in a few minutes. Find something that you’ll enjoy and stick with it. And mix it up every year.

Who says a 91 year old can’t build smart contracts in solidity ? Why not. Maybe they would bring a different perspective. It might also create an adventure or new bonding experience with grandkids or great grandkids.


Sleep is something the tech space and some musicians, actors, etc brag they don’t ever need or get. But it’s well known a good nights sleep is not only good for you , but can help you stay youthful and attentive and productive.

Blockchain and sleep …

Turn off the tv. Don’t put your smart phone near your bed. Stop eating unhealthy and drinking caffeine right before bed. Do some yoga and meditation. Breathe deeply.

Sleep patterns could be stored on the Blockchain and maybe if you add smart sensors that listen to your breathing and voice and heartbeat, a Blockchain like token or bitcoin reward for sleeping better and longer could be a good incentive.

Well balanced diet

Eating more vegetables and fruit makes you healthier and younger. And is great for your memory and cognitive capabilities. A well balanced diet is key.

Stay away from saturated fats and trans fats. They damage you and your heart and your brain. Avoid fried foods.

Certain studies claim you can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s by like 40% by eating Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries (all high in antioxidants), Leafy greens like kale , & fish. But you need to avoid things like red meat , butter , fried foods , anything with high saturated and trans fats.

There are tons of Blockchain and IOT and artificial intelligence use cases for supply chain , food , agriculture , and restaurants. Look at the recall for lettuce now.

It’s not a ‘Blockchain will save lettuce ‘ but it could be one piece of an integrated ecosystem platform that catches recalls long before people get sick or even die form poison food.

Friends and family

There are many studies that show us having a good social circle helps people live a healthier longer life. Many Studies about Grandkids and grandparents and happy kids becoming happy adults and grandparents extending their lives and being healthier. Same with good friends.

Blockchain and family

The thanksgiving dinner this year might not be a happy medium if you brought up bitcoin and crypto last year. So tread lightly. But Blockchain and Wallets and economic theory are all conversations people should have. What better way to teach various generations.

What do you think ?

Peter J

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Sawtooth security

Leader selection is a major task of the consensus algorithm in hyperledger sawtooth. It helps decide which competing peer node can publish a new block on the blockchain.

What are some security implications of a consensus algorithm?

  • A secure consensus algorithm is important to prevent a “rogue” or bad actors from “gaming” the system
  • Bad actors can publish transactions favorable to it
  • A third-party can publish transactions before or in lieu of transactions from other nodes
  • Multi-tier and/or distributed applications having better timing and speed can be a distinct advantage. Think high frequency trading and Wall Street
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Hyperledger fabric on kubernetes

Good article and GitHub tutorial.

GitHub readme and code …

How to deploy fabric on kubernetes …

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Atlanta blockchain week coming !!!

Who is attending the Atlanta blockchain week in and around the ATL tech village end of September 2018 (this month !) ?

Atlanta blockchain week

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Who is GCOX blockchain ?

So who is this Gcox blockchain ?

GCOX is the world’s first celebrity crypto token exchange”

     They claim to be the word’s first celebrity token exchange.  I guess it’s different, but you could also bet or push things like this on argur and even outside the tokenized blockchain space there are celebrity  sites already.  Think patreon in a way.  But it’s an interesting idea because everybody around the globe love their celebrities.  

They do have a very long and detailed whitepaper.  It’s 66 pages, so that’s impressive enough compared to many startups or firms that push out 5 page whitepapers with little to no information.  There is a lot of white space and images though, and over half the white paper is basically team members, advisors, and partners with pictures and press release like  blurbs.   So it’s not exactly 66 pages of technical details either.  It has far more fluff than technical details.  But I am impressed with the effort and time that went into building out this platform and product. It shows a lot of time and thought went into what they are trying to accomplish and build.

They are using NEO blockchain and releasing ACCLAIM tokens and APPLAUSE tokens, which complicates things even more.  APPLAUSE seems to work in a decay algorithm formula, which is a part of NEO.  I’m not going to go over how NEO compares to ethereum or QTUM  and so on, but it’s another plaform with smart contracts and tokenization.  There is also some future concept of Proof of Trade.   Everybody wants to tout some new consensus algorithm these days and most of them have no actual proof that they work as well as POW and bitcoin, so who knows what they tested or didn’t.

”  GCOX offers a platform that uses blockchain technology to create and trade Celebrity Tokens. This enables celebrities to unlock the
value of their popularity by creating and selling their own Celebrity Tokens on the GCOX Platform. Fans will be able to gain privileged access to their idols by purchasing Celebrity Tokens of their idols. The listings of Celebrity Tokens on exchanges will provide an objective indication of their popularity, seen through the market capitalisation of their Celebrity Tokens as determined by open market forces.”

     The primary customer seem to be celebrities.  This sounds like they want to create a more blockchain tokenized version of twitter.   Maybe they aren’t trying to be like twitter and a social media platform, but celebrities love twitter and instagram.  They get paid to post and shill products and platforms.  Fans get to tweet and reply  and interact on these ‘free’ platforms already.

     It does seem they are trying to target young or early celebs more than the Brad Pitt’s of the world. I could be wrong, but that’s what it sounds like to me.   The “GROWTH” phase sounds like an up and coming person who could become a celebrity, but might never become a Brad Pitt or Kanye or Britney Spears.  I guess they could only target the ones who are for sure bets to make it big, but at the same time, what incentive do celebrities have to pay the gas fees, the transaction fees and charge fans for basic info?

    Nobody actually pays for twitter or instagram.  Sponsors and advertisers do, but celebrities post updates and fans reply and interact.    It’s hard to imagine a celebrity who hasn’t made it yet paying for tokens and then charging for tokens, much less a well known celebrity having a desire to do so.  Yeah you could have the wannabe half naked instagram models try and charge for extra photos or asmr youtubers or other wannabe youtube stars try and charge like they do now on patreon. They all seem to ask for likes and to check out their patreon accounts to donate.  Or some sell books or articles or how-to conferences.   But they don’t actually pay patreon or kickstarter to post.  Fans do, but the fees are kind of abstracted behind the scenes and nobody really knows or cares that they exist.  Kind of like credit cards and normal users.  Fees make the Visa’s of the world billions of dollars, but most people ignore it unless it starts to cut into your business margins.   So it’s a different model.   

     They did sign Manny P up for the platform, but being it’s a Singapore company and he’s huge in the Philippines and southeast Asia, did they just pay him to say he’s a part of it ?   We know lots of startups have paid celebrities to shill their platform.  Not sure if he’s really using it or just shilling it for money.

     They also push this ‘Celebreneur’ term.   A celebrity + entrepreneur concept.   I get it, but don’t they already do this without blockchain?  Lebron James is a NBA hall of famer to be, a superstar, a celebrity, and a entrepreneur.    Magic Johnson as well.   Tom Brady as well.   Beyonce as well.   Even Lavar Ball and his Big Baller brand with his sons do various things.  I’m sure many will try and use different platforms to push their brands, products, and companies, but what incentive would they have to pay for tokens or use GCOX?

If celebrities are the customer, I’m not sure why a guy like Lavar Ball would need to pay GCOX tokens and fees and then try and get fans to join the GCOX platform.    He doesn’t need to help twitter grow,  he just uses these platforms to help his own brand grow.   Far different agenda and use case and challenge.  Plus how will people buy tokens?   Most of the world has no idea what a blockchain is, what metamask is, how to use it, or why they need to buy some bitcoin or ethereum and then sell that and buy some other GCOX like token.   That makes things very complicated and it’s one of the challenges in the crypto space, in general. \

     So why did Manny really join and shill it?  And would he answer honestly ?  He was a politician after all, not just a boxer.  And his fight with Floyd a few years back was obviously a scam for both those  guys to rip fans off and make money.

      I also wonder about the birthday video greetings, on demand greetings , etc.  Cool concept in itself, but please explain to me how they are getting live video and on-demand video to work in a decentralized blockchain platform?   There are others out there like livepeer that are 100% all in on figuring out a decentalized video on blockchain challenge.   Not sure GCOX, with an entirely different use case and customer, is spending 100% of their time trying to scale, solve latency issues and everything else on blockchain.  Unless of course the token is blockchain, the video is not.  They never actually go into detail about the on demand or birthday videos, so they probably have some central CDN or storage layer for that, or maybe they will try and use livepeer or others similar.  Time will tell.   But they didn’t go into much detail on how that aspect actually works.

     I think it has some possibilities, but it’ll depend on how easy it is to get the tokens, what kind of celebrities use the platform, and how easy the fans will be able to get tokens.   But if the fees add a ton of extra work and costs, people will just go back to using twitter, instagram, and normal websites.



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