NBA doing a cryptoplayers like cryptokitties collectibles on blockchain

Blockchain crypto video highlight tokens for the NBA is an interesting concept . I wonder how much will be blockchain and crypto and how much will be stored and processed and linked to the YouTube’s and other networks.

Cryptokitties did a lot of cool processing and work utilizing ethereum, genetic programming philosophies and smart contracts. But half their system was also centralized cloud like storage and processing.

Sports leagues are marketing and entertainment kings, especially the NBA and ESPN. I imagine this being some 10% blockchain and 90% AWS like cloud processing and programming. But cryptokitties and blockchain is the marketing keyword. Tokens will cost money (NBA token etc) and link to some NBA owned video link. Smart marketing.

The idea is that instead of having physical collectible cards, fans will have the opportunity to own a limited number of tokens containing the highlights of some of the most commemorated in-game moments from the NBA season. Each token will be differentiated by a distinct digital market that will allow the owners to participate in fantasy league games and compete against each other.