Ookeani-luure Maritime safety & security vision

We at Pagarba Solutions love the sea. We love the water. One of the co-founders , Peter Jamack, is a swimmer, surfer, kayaker, scuba diver and owned a 34 foot wide body sailboat in San Diego.

Our other co-founder and CEO, Darrick Sogabe, lives, works and plays in San Diego. He enjoys the ocean, beach and loves taking his family on mini excursions to the Port of Los Angeles.

Who doesn’t love watching those huge container ships and vessels moving like an automated heavy equipment machine?

Our vision for Ookeani-luure goes far beyond technology for the maritime industry. Yes we love everything nautical, but The Pagarba Solutions family isn’t just thinking about integrating cool artificial intelligent and computer vision technologies for the sake of it.

We have a vision and value to help clean the oceans , help protect vessels, boats , container ships, docks and marinas. But we also drive toward a more automated efficient intelligent and clean maritime ecosystem.

A safer intelligent more sustainable and clean maritime ecosystem.

So what is our vision for better maritime safety & security ?

For Sustainable waterways, seas, rivers and an ecosystem where plastic and pollution aren’t invading every parts of our oceans and rivers and streams.

And According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), “Of all the sectors that make up the global transport infrastructure, shipping probably has the lowest public profile and the least representative public image. Its importance is not well known although not a single area of our life remains unaffected by it.”

Our world is a well oiled machine because of the maritime and related industries.

Proactive & predictive insights for the prevention of intentional damage through sabotage, subversion, terrorism, CyberSecurity attacks and from a broad persepctive, relate to concerns such as:

  • International peace and security
  • Sovereignty/Territorial integrity/Political independence
  • Security from crimes at sea [Piracy or armed hijackings]
  • Security from infrastructure crimes & damage
  • Resource security
  • Environmental security
  • Security of seafarers and fisheries
  • CyberSecurity initiatives and implementation

Proactive & predictive prevention of accidental damage or incidents of marine environmental pollution or loss of life at sea through the development of technical support systems. The auditing and inspection of recognized classification and certification societies; development of common methodologies and best practices for the investigation of maritime accidents, underwater and at ports and; the establishment of automated artificial intelligent underwater inspections , predictive simulated insights of vessel and people traffic monitoring and information systems.

Maritime Safety also embraces the development of Search and Rescue, Ports of Refuge and the development of emergency and contigency planning.