Ookeani luure underwater inspection & surveillance platform

Ports, harbors & marinas can often pose hazardous risks due to murky and dark water conditions, which in turn makes it difficult for divers to perform biosecurity inspections.

The Ookeani – Luure underwater surveillance platform utilizes remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) is to improve safety and security for underwater surveillance inspections and capabilities.

Hazardous Risk to Divers and inspectors

One of Pagarba’s clients handles high risk diving and inspection situations and locations, where there is a high volume of departures and arrivals from domestic and international vessels. One of the clients maritime responsibilities is to manage the safety, security & risk factors due to marine pest invasion.

Many times the underwater locations like this can be dark, murky, and filled with kelp and seaweed and other debris so as to present very low visibility for the professional divers inspecting that area.
And when there are a high number of large and small vessels coming in and out of these ports and marinas, and the occasional visit from large predators like whales, sea lions, and sharks, these divers are at even higher risk and sometimes dangerous situations.

Underwater visual inspections powered by the computer vision & AI Ookeani-luure platform with the blueye robotics ROV

Blueye robotics ROV
Mission Bay in San Diego

When a buffet of risks and dangers face humans during underwater inspections, Pagarba’s Maritime client needed a system and solution to complete tasks without this stress and worry. There is also future savings on high risk insurance liability costs. That’s why they turned to Pagarba Solutions to improve their visual inspections and underwater surveillance video analysis using the Ookeani-luure AI powered blueye robotics ROV.

This underwater ocean surveillance intelligence ROV platform has allowed them to perform far more in depth and detailed automated search and analysis visual inspections, detections, checks & precision predictions for invasive pests by using its computer vision and video intelligence capabilities. The team can discover, review, analyze and predict underwater challenges from their mobile app or tablet on the surface and ensure the safety and security of the professional divers. They can even run simultaneous inspections with multiple ROVs.

Not only are ROVs becoming more frequently used for these types of inspections, but Pagarba and some of their clients are researching and experimenting with autonomous underwater ROVs and discovering new ways to automate , analyze and optimize the use of a variety of different ROVs. Call it the Intelligent ROV surveillance platform for biosecurity and compliance with computer vision, AI powered video search and analysis – including survey designs and identification of specimens found in ports, harbors and marinas.

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