Cardano IOHK keynote in Miami change the world

Charles always has good messages. Cardano is slow and steady. But doing things the right way.

Video below.

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What is this digital twinning in IOT all about and how does azure digital twins fit into this ?

We at Pagarba are all about IoT , IDoT and blockchain with AI on the Edge and have been knee deep into this concept of Digital twinning.

Digital Twinning is the concept of replicating and mapping the virtual and augmented worlds with the living or non-living physical world. Think Industry 4.0 and augmented reality. So it’s all about simulating and bridging the virtual and physical worlds together.

What does this actually mean ?

Well, we are utilizing real data from these physical things, like sensors and gateways, to analyze the temperature, moisture, efficiency, conditions and real-time status of farms, drones, buildings , trucks , routes and manufacturing plants. And then we map out and simulate, in an encrypted digital mesh twinning environment, future predictions and warnings, optimizations and their possibilities.

But we do so much more than that because it’s not all about digital twinning. The real fun is integrating and simulating the virtual and physical worlds to create , design, develop and maintain these new and improved food service supply chain systems, smarter farms , smarter cities and smarter factories in a more secure and intelligent decentralized fashion.

The future for supply chain 4.0 , smarter cities , smarter farms , smarter logistics is in this optimized and intelligently automated system. Somewhere around 85% of the internet of things platforms and systems will contain some form of this digital twinning and simulations by 2020. And a lot of it will be optimized and automated on the Edge. The edge of AI and blockchain.

But maybe that’s still confusing…

These sensors collect the data utilized by smarter gateways and encrypted mesh networks that feed into the digital twinning simulator that opens up the possibilities to be able to predict leaks , help replace dead batteries before they die , and the smarter intelligent decentralized contracts will fix hardware breakdowns before we even are aware they may be a problem.

Imagine knowing road closures or water shortages before they happen and reporting them to human operators to save time, money and a peace of mind.

The idea of discovering or knowing about the faults and issues before they happen; changes everything. Your business and your devices will automatically order parts from other companies and/or other devices that may source these automation components, reducing your risk of downtime caused by these broken devices or assets. Or even save lives.

We’ve worked and are working with decentralized and centralized platforms. Check the video out below from Microsoft about their new digital twin and give us a call.

Azure digital twins

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What are stablecoins and should you purchase some ?

Stablecoins as an idea is in their name. Established by being collateralized in monetary forms, resources, or other crypto, this sort of coin ensures expanded soundness by pivoting its incentive on its sponsorship.

That way clients can expect no less than a similarity to serenity in any stablecoin’s market with immense drops conceivable just if some significant genuine changes happen.

For instance, a stablecoin that is collateralized by the US dollar won’t lose a large portion of its incentive in multi day except if some major common agitation sends the nation into tumult. You can generally anticipate a smidgen of dependability from the universally utilized monetary standards as the world relies on them.

This security will, obviously, fluctuate contingent upon what you pick as support. With a few sorts of stablecoin to look over, you should be mindful so as not to rely upon the one that utilizes an unstable money as its certification. Be that as it may, despite the fact that regardless it requires examination, the general optics of getting tied up with top stablecoins and utilizing them on a worldwide scale absolutely appear more encouraging than those of normal digital forms of money.

So again, what are stablecoins ?

There are three kinds of stablecoins,

fiat-supported, crypto-sponsored, and the non-upheld. You may, naturally, wonder how a non-supported stablecoin would function after we’ve quite recently discussed collateralization and we’ll clarify it all in due time. To begin with, we should discussed the most prevalent in the rundown of stuff ablecoins — fiat-upheld.

Fiat-upheld stablecoins depend on monetary standards or other profitable resources for certification their esteem, as a rule completing a 1:1 connection.

The most mainstream decision is, obviously, the US dollar as even the most well known stablecoin — Tether — uses it to collateralize its esteem.

That sort of sponsorship gives considerable strength that makes clients significantly more anxious to purchase the coin and use it routinely. Notwithstanding, these lose a portion of the cryptographic forms of money’s highly touted decentralization and can possibly take off if the general population everywhere confides in the organization that gives the sponsorship.

Essentially, if a conniving bank endeavors to offer a stablecoin utilizing its assets as support, many individuals will be reluctant to purchase in. In this way, you could consider fiat-supported stablecoins to be dependent both on the money or resource and the notoriety of the advantage holder, which includes slightly more mayhem in with the general mish-mash.

Crypto-upheld stablecoins are a touch of an uncommon decision since they’re, by definition, dependent on different cryptographic forms of money which can be very unstable.

This would nullify the point of a stablecoin notwithstanding one critical qualification: the esteem isn’t collateralized 1:1. Rather, it’s standard to bank a solitary stablecoin versus a few coins of a digital money of decision.

That way the estimation of the stablecoin should remain over the adequate dimension regardless of whether the sponsorship crypto falls into an irregular period where it loses a lump of its esteem and after that recovers some and so on.

It’s not the most dependable choice for stablecoins but rather the one figures out how to save some decentralization and is consequently bound to discover support among crypto idealists.

Non-supported stablecoins, as weird as the idea may appear, are an extremely fascinating case. Above all else, they are prevailing upon crypto clients by offering both dependability and decentralization and autonomy. It’s the sort of mix that can enable digital forms of money to spread without losing the reasoning that made them noticeable in any case.

These coins utilize shrewd contracts to manage the quantity of accessible coins, modifying the supply as indicated by the increments and plunges in esteem.

That way the stablecoin cost can remain nearby to a specific wanted dimension that is built up at the coin’s origination.

Should the brilliant contracts purchase up such a large number of the coins, the clients normally get shares that qualifies them for future benefits. Because of that it’s improbable that you lose huge when managing non-upheld crypto Presently, in spite of being a promising advancement in the crypto advertise, stablecoin accompanies some things.

There’s no keeping away from the way that many top stablecoins surrender decentralization for that equivalent security that influences individuals to desire them.

This, all by itself, conflicts with the underlying logic of cryptographic forms of money and puts the market in threat of being consumed or cornered.

As a matter of fact, a few alternatives are pushing for decentralization and endeavoring to save the thoughts of crypto originators. Be that as it may, those are looked with the issue of discovering great sponsorship.

Essentially, in the event that you depend on a bank to do collateralization, you can expect security in the esteem yet then you’d penance the decentralization. Thus, crypto-supported stablecoins are non-brought together yet they need to give a little ground regarding steadiness. It’s dependably an exercise in careful control and few out of every odd organization can deal with that.

In addition, crypto-sponsored stablecoins are somewhat of a troublesome sell, particularly for the majority. “It’s a digital currency that depends on another cryptographic money however it’s absolutely steady, I swear” is certainly not an incredible pitch on the off chance that you need to impart trust in stablecoin. There’s still some street left to cover before crypto-sponsored choices can be effectively comprehended and acknowledged by most.

Truly, the instances of countrywide dunks in money esteem have happened everywhere throughout the world so stablecoins aren’t, carefully, invulnerable. Be that as it may, you can ordinarily recognize this sort of accident well ahead of time in the event that you have investigation on your side. Simply recall that stablecoins aren’t mysteriously ensured to remain relentless perpetually and you ought to be fine.

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IoT device Security … or is it ?

I was reading an article that sounded promising around securing identities and IoT devices. We at Pagarba work on Blockchain, IoT and securing the Identity of things. And then I saw this in the same article ,

As recently reported, WISeKey opened a Blockchain Center of Excellence in Geneva this February, as part of a new partnership with the Blockchain Research Institute. The latter plans to open similar centers — each focused on assisting blockchain startups to expedite the technology’s adoption in the public and private sectors — across five continents.

So they started a blockchain COE last month and solved all the worlds problems in a month. Time will tell if their stuff is all fluff and hype , but their needs to be better IoT security.

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Coinbase fraud and scam

I have used coinbase. I even used the shift card that integrated with it. But that card and company I guess is shutting down in April. Honestly, they were kind of terrible card and company, but that’s a different story.

As far as coinbase, while they have been great for getting average users into crypto , they’ve also been one fraudulent company who is worse than the banks the crypto and Blockchain space loves to hate.

I, for one , think we need a far better decentralized financial system in place. And the swift networks and paper process, even though it’s digital, is an absurd and slow system in 2019. It took like two weeks for a recent check of mine to be useful and available. But the banks had the money long before the 5-7 business days…. but oh wait we have another hold just because …

I will say Brian Armstrong and the founders and staff at coinbase have done a tremendous technical job. Running at the scale they do and the pressure and US regulations and more , I do applaud them for that. But their customer service is awful. Then again, so is Google’s. But Their policy of pushing blame to everybody else or other companies is annoying. Then again the Uber’s of the world and the Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk and even the US president all do that to the extreme these days as well. Maybe it’s just a 2019 thing.

Simply put , coinbase has way too many issues of insider trading , dumps , buying shady companies , and charging astronomical fees that the truth is people might as well use Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan Chase or Wells Fargo versus signing up for and using coinbase. At one point they were pushing crypto forward. Now they are worse than banks and Wall Street and shady governments.

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People write nonsense about Blockchain and others believe them.

I was reading an article today about advertising, marketing and blockchain. The “writer” claims to have been working in the blockchain space or with blockchain companies for a few years , but this entire article sounds like clickbait. It also sounds like somebody that has no idea what he’s taking about.

Smart contracts aren’t storing a ton of useful user data anytime soon. And they aren’t even smart. It’s basic business rules and logic. But read these kinds of articles and you’d think it’s magic. Unless it’s from a company with a cool and interesting white paper and not much else. Vaporware runs rampant in this space.

The decentralized keyword hype is one of the biggest lies in the crypto and Blockchain space. Most of these platforms aren’t decentralized at all. They are actually not even distributed. It’s more like duplicated data across everywhere and a terrible data storage system. And it sure isn’t big data or advanced analytics ready.

As time goes on things in the blockchain space will get better and improve. And hybrid integrated platforms will rule the day. Forty year old mainframes and COBOL still are used around the globe. Hadoop and big data didn’t replace every database or system. Things change. New better tech comes along. New the same as the old tech but hyped as new and different happens too.

And nobody in their right mind thinks a Facebook token will be decentralized or different. But writers like this guy will shill more keywords , raise a few bucks , and talk more nonsense. And then in a year or two talk up quantum computing or something else.

Now imagine that a marketing campaign takes place on the blockchain and all information and its details, including the contract, is entered into the decentralized registry, where it is kept unchanged. 

Since all parties (platform, publisher, and advertiser) have access to this information and can observe all the processes occurring (the number of views, interactions, responses), there will be no disputes at the campaign end.

One last thing about the above statement. In its current form , all the user and useful analytical data won’t be on a decentralized blockchain platform anytime soon. Kind of goes against the concept of what is stored in the first place. The concept of storing a persons real information and everything about everything they do on a decentralized blockchain platform say like ethereum makes no sense. Because you’d need to use ethereum and something like ipfs or storj. And offchain analytical Systems. The current state of these systems would mean marketers and others spend far more in gas costs . And it’s Not exactly decentralized either. Also not free. Also not easy.

Blockchain holds a lot of possibilities, but I also think people like this writer to the space a disservice. They sell nonsense and stupidity. And then jump ship soon never caring how any of the stuff works or what it’s good for.

Using blockchain and tokenization for marketing and adtech and handing the power back to the people over Facebook and google make sense. But who is actually going to pay for all this stuff ? How many people would pay for google or Facebook? Alternatives have been developed and rarely used. How many people use duckduckgo ? Or real adblockers ? Oh it doesn’t store all the data marketers want. Interesting how That sort of kills this guys agenda. Things already exist. The funny money where startups love bragging about series D and never making any money or plans to runs the world. Even in the crypto space. People don’t want to pay for anything. They just love to claim walled gardens are what people want.

Until people figure a way around making money outside marketing and advertising, blockchain won’t change the internet. It’ll be just the new kid same as the old one. Vaporware marketing and nonsense over real implementation and products is the problem. Sell clickbait over something real is a huge issue in blockchain too. ICOs and useless white papers ran the space. Still exist. Google and Facebook figured a way to make billions off the internet by manipulating people and advertising spam. And fake news. How many people pay for YouTube per month ?

Charge me 10 bucks a month, but pay me 15… who wouldn’t sign up. But sites like SteemIt were interesting, good concepts , but kind of irrelevant in its own way. New kid. Same as the old one. Just a new spin on things. They also couldn’t figure a way to be successful. They had to dump like 70% of their staff because they relied more on the same funding concept over actually earning a profit. ICO. VC. Angel investor. Same concept. Easy to write pie in the sky dreams when it’s mommy or daddy or clueless people funding you.

And really people who are tired of google and Facebook are probably tired of guys who write clickbait articles and market everything and anything under the sun. If they want to dump social media and google , they probably don’t want to give up much personal data to random blockchain marketing agency who makes up new claims and claims they will make .00001 tokens.

Nobody really wants or needs a billion different random less than a penny stock tokens. Especially if it’s painful to ever buy, get or use them. Except inside some walled off garden. But they say it’s decentralized.

Blockchain is useful. Decentralized systems are useful. But so are real distributing computing systems. And centralized platforms still serve a huge purpose. Change is needed. But more marketing nonsense, not so much.

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