Vechain security breach handled

Vechain governance board and some resignations , but quality work in the way they handled the situation.

” Lu expanded on this by admitting a trojan infected machine, with keylogging software, enabled the hacker to obtain private key information. From there, the hacker transferred cryptocurrency assets out of the buyback wallet, into an account he controls.

“It’s caused by a mis-mangement action… The responsible person, who did not follow compliance protocol, will hold the consequence of internal management actions.”

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Is a Raspberry pi 4 on your wishlist this year ?

The Raspberry Pi, now at version 4, is not a kids toy. It’s a full-on computer with support for things like 4K video , better computation, IoT modules and smart home capabilities, communication via LoRa opportunities and more storage options and it’s in a tiny package that’s also super-affordable.

This has also fostered a huge developer community as well as a long list of after-market accessories that will let you do almost anything with a Raspberry Pi 4.

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Wawa malware

I know WaWa. The goose inspired small little Cumberland farms and 7-11 that grew from Philadelphia and NJ into super wawa with gas and more.

I spent plenty of time at these places as a teenager. Data hacks all over.

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Swarm intelligence

Swarm intelligence, Blockchain, & AI

Swarm intelligence is being used for medical transport, precision farming, and media & entertainment industry applications. But security for these large applications is a constant challenge & vulnerability. Blockchain technology offers a solution to these security challenges.

By using advanced encryption techniques such as cryptographic digital signatures and cryptographically secure public-key cryptography, blockchain provides optimum security for data across shared channels.

Accessibility of the information is controlled by the specific private key available.

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RPA and automation are the future
Robotic process automation and automation , in general are the future. Real business and digital transformation requires some intelligent and secure automation.
Blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data , machine learning, chatbots and virtual assistants , natural language processing as well as RPA software like Blue Prism, WorkFusion, Kryon Systems, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, or NICE etc all are innovative ways to transform your organization.

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