Swarm intelligence

Swarm intelligence, Blockchain, & AI

Swarm intelligence is being used for medical transport, precision farming, and media & entertainment industry applications. But security for these large applications is a constant challenge & vulnerability. Blockchain technology offers a solution to these security challenges.

By using advanced encryption techniques such as cryptographic digital signatures and cryptographically secure public-key cryptography, blockchain provides optimum security for data across shared channels.

Accessibility of the information is controlled by the specific private key available.

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RPA and automation are the future
Robotic process automation and automation , in general are the future. Real business and digital transformation requires some intelligent and secure automation.
Blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data , machine learning, chatbots and virtual assistants , natural language processing as well as RPA software like Blue Prism, WorkFusion, Kryon Systems, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, or NICE etc all are innovative ways to transform your organization.

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A complete bypass of all security within the popular ESP32 IoT chip

” A security researcher has identified a local-access technique that enables a complete bypass of all security within the popular ESP32 IoT chip, where malware can be implanted and never removed.

The same attack also extracts cryptographic keys and works against the device’s most secure configuration.

The ESP32 chipset is significant to the industry, as it offers a dual core chip with WiFi and bluetooth to underly many devices.

In January 2018, the manufacturer Espressif announced its milestone of having shipped over 100 million devices

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain for procurement optimization

Procurement’s relationship with cryptocurrency may involve one of two practices: procurement of cryptocurrency or procurement with cryptocurrency.

Payment with cryptocurrency

Is paying for goods and services with digital coins or tokens rather than traditional country-backed currency like US dollar and or credit. 

Procurement with cryptocurrency

Not all companies are content to just pay to their suppliers with cryptocurrency.

Some procurement organizations may be tasked with buying cryptocurrency on behalf of the enterprise.

Good article below.

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Hyper-automation or hyperautomation or is it just RPA on steroids ?

HyperAutomation top trend in 2020 according to gartner

  1. Hyperautomation – the combination of multiple software tools to deliver work  

  1. Multiexperience – the ability to communicate with users across many human senses  

  1. Democratization – providing people access to technical or business expertise via a radically simplified user experience  

  1. Human Augmentation – the enhancement of human capabilities and capacity through technology and science  

  1. Transparency and Traceability – a range of attitudes, actions and technologies designed to address regulatory requirements  

  1. The Empowered Edge –  When information processing and content collection and delivery are placed closer to the sources, repositories and consumers of this information  

  1. Distributed Cloud –  Distribution of public cloud services to different locations outside the cloud providers’ data centers while continuing to assume responsibility for operations and governance   

  1. Autonomous Things –  physical devices that use AI to automate functions previously performed by humans  

  1. Practical Blockchain –  making distributed ledger technology scaleable for enterprise level implementations   

  1.  AI Security – leveraging AI to protect and enhance the security threats posed by hyperautomation and AI powered systems  

And Pagarba’s KaaM ( kudzu automated asset management ) can help hospitals, clinics , banking branches and more with their supply chain hyperautomation and asset management needs.
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