Seattle kraken deep diving into analytics

The NHL has a new franchise called the Seattle Kraken. They don’t start playing till next season and there are no players drafted or signed yet.

Their team will be built or selected via The Expansion Draft, which going by prior expansion drafts , will wind up filling the majority of roster positions. Then comes the NHL Entry Draft, which is more for young prospects. And finally free agency where they can sign various players.

Not sure how many free agents get signed by expansion teams. Would a Taylor Hall have signed with the Seattle Kraken and not the Buffalo Sabres this year ? Who knows. And too bad they missed out on all the goaltenders changing teams.

Analytics and data science are here to stay in the NHL

NHL teams are at the edge of artificial intelligence and can utilize a number of technological and analytical tools to narrow the search for prospects and the right player fit or to break a tie between a few players whose potential may appear even at first glance.

There is the traditional video and scouting reports, but now advanced analytics and data science departments on some NHL teams are changing the way they find and sign and build teams. Ron Francis and the Seattle Kraken are at the forefront of building an analytics driven organization.

So over the next year the Seattle Kraken will be analyzing data and building models to help them build a team.