Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligence

Edge & Mobile AI

Pagarba Solutions delivers cutting-edge Computer Vision & AI solutions consisting of behavioral analysis, facial recognition, image recognition, object detection, safety & security risk assessments and analysis

Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

The Pagarba Difference

An exceptionally qualified team of experienced software and technology leaders and innovators, we strategize, design and develop AI, Computer Vision & Data Science experiences. Our team also has built successful products and solutions utilizing Computer Vision and AI, blockchain and IoT with cutting-edge features that range from:

  • Mobile & Edge AI
  • Advanced AI, computer vision and machine learning
  • Decentralized blockchain solutions
  • Mobile App development
  • Data Science Projects
  • XR ( Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality) Experiences


Safety & Security

Our top advantage is our ability to work with complex systems, devices, structures, and disorganized data. We're able to approach problems in a way that is highly customized, scalable, and design-oriented using analytical analysis that benefits you and your company

  • AI Video Analytics Boost safety & security
  • Better Inspections with underwater ROV drones
    • Transform the way you inspect, analyze, collect, clean, and maintain your ships, boats, docks, marinas and more
    • Drive better insightful safety & security video analytics decisions and alerts
  • Core Industry Focuses

    Sports Mobile Gaming Casinos & Entertainment Startups Retail Manufacturing VR/AR/MR/XR Unity Development Software Engineering & AI Development

    While these are the industries we’re most experienced working with, we’re able to adapt our skills and services to fit any industry that could benefit from Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Video Analytics, AI, mobile apps, blockchain, and IoT

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