Pagarba offers comprehensive consulting and full-stack software development services for blockchain, IoT, IIoT, DevOps, AIOps and automation projects. We help transform enterprises utilizing new technologies, all while simplifying the complexities of the process. Our services include the development, design, and implementation of emerging technologies like blockchain, AIOPs, IIoT, and Smart City platforms. We hope to lead organizations into the future and guide them on how to stay one step ahead of their competition.

By using innovative tech, we're able to design, develop, and scale extensible business enterprise applications for your growing business.

Pagarba Difference

As an exceptionally qualified team of veterans and innovators, we design and build software, platforms, and devices with cutting-edge features that range from:

  • Data aggregation, integration, and transformation.
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms.
  • Decentralized communication mesh protocols.
  • High-performance simulation and mobile apps for both practitioners and everyday businesses.

We're able to provide emerging technology development using multicore and distributed programming, big data analytics, blockchain consensus, distributed team management, and advanced AIOps and containerization, to transform your business quickly and effectively.

Our Core Skills

Blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptography

Decentralized exchanges

AIOps for manufacturing

AIOps for hospitals

Smart city and IoT Automation and Security

Firmware and embedded programming

Machine learning, data analytics, and big data

Our top advantage is our ability to work with complex systems, devices, structures, and disorganized data. We're able to approach problems in a way that is highly customized, scalable, and design-oriented using analytical analysis that benefits you and your business.

Core Industry Focuses

Hospitals Manufacturing Public Government Sector Financial Services & Crypto Exchanges Smart Cities & Government Organizations Life Sciences & Biotech Internet, Mobile & IoT Software Engineering & IT Development

While these are the industries we’re most experienced working with, we’re able to adapt our skills and services to fit any industry that could benefit from blockchain, AIOps, and IoT implementation.

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