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Artificial Intelligence for Business

Pagarba Solutions designs AI-powered products, develops machine learning algorithms, implements proactive and predictive data science powered analytics and launches image and video recognition applications to solve your business challenges

strategy  & design

Strategy & Discovery
lays the foundations for success with AI

We help deliver real ROI on your Artificial Intelligence projects and products

Discover various AI Use-cases For Your Business, your story, your vision

Empower your business and customers today, with our AI Strategy & Discovery consulting

AI data science predictioms

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Development

Implement AI models specific to your business and industry,

Sports, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, advertising, finance, gaming or any other niche

With AI development, training & implementation, we take your entire business pipeline to a phase where your key functions become optimized and more efficient

The primary goal of AI is to automate and simplify repetitive tasks for better ROI and rapid growth

AI core services

Let us build your business simulation & recommendation engines

Automate iterative tasks

Reduce downtime for existing complex processes

Speed up the decision-making and actionable insights by better access to deep learning

Simplify multi-step processes for operations

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data science magic

Pagarba AI & Data Science Manifesto

Through a Scientific Design First and Security as Code philosophy, Pagarba Solutions designs, develops, launches and supports your business.

Our AI/ ML  and data science consultants and developers are experienced in
Machine learning, deep learning, monte carlo simulations, Tensorflow, AWS MXNet, SageMaker, recommendation engines, modeling and training, Hadoop, Spark and big data, image and video recognition, procedural genetic programming, computer vision, predictive modeling,  data mining, image processing, Edge & IoT Artificial Intelligence, Edge AI, autonomous drones and devices, AIOps, cognitive mining, blockchain AI, data science, Natural Language Processing, Chatbots and more