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Video Analytics to Fuel your Business Growth

Let Pagarba Solutions Artificial Intelligence professionals help strategize and develop cognitive Video Analytics solutions, train new Image & Object Recognition models for Mobile, Cloud, edge computing, On-premise and Live Camera Systems (CCTV)

AI & data science

Real-Time Video Analytics & Recognition

Pagarba Solutions offers AI application development services for real-time video recognition and video analytics use cases

We have customized solutions for live TV broadcast,
CCTV security analysis and smart space environments

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video analytics

Custom Artificial Intelligence
Model Training

Custom Image, Object & Synthetic model training for specific audio visual labels and tags.

Design new video categories, face identities, facial expressions, and audio visual concepts
for your solutions

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Mobile & Edge Integration & on-premise deployment

Get support for your mobile app, cloud or edge computing AI integration needs

On-premise deployment with our customized Video Recognition Embedded Servers

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strategy  & design for video analytics

Strategy & Discovery
lays the foundations for success with Video Analytics, Image Recognition, Computer Vision & AI

We help deliver real ROI on your Artificial Intelligence solutions and products

Discover various computer vision, image recognition, & video analytics AI Use-cases

Your Business, your story, your vision

Empower your business and customers today, with our AI Strategy & Discovery consulting

AI data science predictions for video analytics

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Development

Implement Image & object recognition models, build cognitive visual search with advanced Video analysis solutions specific to your business and industry,

Sports, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, advertising, finance, gaming or any other niche

With AI development, training & implementation, we take your entire business pipeline to a phase where your key functions become optimized and more efficient

The primary goal of AI is to automate and simplify repetitive tasks for better ROI and rapid growth

AI core services for video analytics

Let us build your business simulation & recommendation engines

Automate iterative tasks

Reduce downtime for existing complex processes

Speed up the decision-making and actionable insights by better access to deep learning

Simplify multi-step processes for operations

Why do you need Video Analytics ?

Every business, whether it’s a yacht club, marina, harbor, port, manufacturer, warehouse, casino, construction site, mining facility, sports rink, high-rise building, restaurant or even a marketing agency ; they all generate an enormous amount of video content today. YouTube and Netflix are king for a reason.

Using Artificial Intelligence powered video analytics, businesses can extract the most valuable data out of the ginormous amounts of video content, minimize human errors and inefficiencies and preserve the video content and metadata information for better actionable insights and automation. Nobody has to stay the night staring at petabytes of video with tired eyes anymore.

Track any spatial/temporal parameters and get instant alerts, notifications and actionable triggers around discrepancies, corrosion detection, safety hazards and security violations.

Pagarba Solutions AI powered video analytics helps businesses reduce their risk of human error and find new ways to generate better ROI

Video Analytics powered by Computer Vision & AI can be said to be software that analyzes live and recorded video footage and images, offering up notifications and alerts, automated responses and actionable insights.

Video analytics is not new, people have been thinking about it as early as 2001 and even before that – but with more powerful computers, phones and GPUs, we haven’t truly realized the capabilities until now.

The need for video analytics and image recognition is obvious. More cameras, better quality videos and pictures, placed in in an increasing variety of real-time live environments for a million different purposes. At a fundamental level, this points to one thing: more information to review. More storage and more metadata. Big Data at the edge. Information fire hoses are already painful, now add real-time video that might not always be stored for more than 24 hours.

Humans simply cannot review the volume of video footage created by the world’s surveillance cameras. Or home cameras. Or Mobile Phones. Everybody loves video now. Human beings cognitive skills – which are excellent but not scalable to hundreds or thousands of cameras – in real-time no less — have to be supported and augmented by AI automation technology. Computers have the power to process huge amounts of data in real-time, 24 hours a day, without fatigue. It’s what they were built for.

Video Analytics, Image & Object Recognition combine the power of computers and their increasing ability to learn and understand with the unique decision-making abilities of human beings. Some might call this “augmented intelligence” over Artificial Intelligence. People supported by AI solutions and big data computing power is the future. Smarter cameras, smarter devices, decentralized devices and far more able to effectively analyze real-time videos and events through AI. Capable of delivering the most relevant and imperative information to people or other machines in real-time for more accurate, fast and actionable decisions and responses.


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Let us solve your business  challenges for images and video

data science magic

Pagarba AI & Data Science Manifesto

Through a Scientific Design First and Security as Code philosophy, Pagarba Solutions designs, develops, launches and supports your business.

Our AI/ ML  and data science consultants and developers are experienced in
Machine learning, deep learning, monte carlo simulations, Tensorflow, AWS MXNet, SageMaker, recommendation engines, modeling and training, Hadoop, Spark and big data, image and video recognition, procedural genetic programming, computer vision, predictive modeling,  data mining, image processing, Edge & IoT Artificial Intelligence, Edge AI, autonomous drones and devices, AIOps, cognitive mining, blockchain AI, data science, Natural Language Processing, Chatbots and more