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blockchain POC & MVPs

Pagarba’s blockchain (PoC) Proof Of Concept & (MVP) Minimum Viable Product design, development and support services help your business and organization realize functional, technical and business feasibility relating to your blockchain project.

blockchain as a service

Our blockchain and product experts certify on practical applications for your overall vision and concept.

We will work with your team(s) to determine the roadmap, plan, scope , and development efforts relating to your blockchain project.

blockchain ccc

We help solve real business problems on real integrated blockchain solutions & systems. Let us help you integrate your ERP or CRM or inventory management system with blockchain, blockchain on the cloud(aws, azure, google cloud, alibaba, redhat).

crypto blockchain

We can implement and integrate you solution using
Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar, Vechain, waltonchain,
or maybe you need to fork your own blockchain systen
or you need a complicated smart contract and side chain solution built in a language like solidity.

We can make it happen for you

crypto bank

If you need multi-sig crypto wallets or
wish to build your own centralized or decentralized exchange with or without KYC / AML.


Maybe you need a productionized integrated enterprise
permissioned distributed ledger system (DLT)
like Corda, Hyperledger fabric, Ripple or others
we will customize your visions, goals and requirements and
make them a reality.


We also provide insights and roadmaps on the expectations for your platform while anticipating any potential roadblocks. This ensures that you have the highest level of understanding your product or platform.

From our previous projects and experience we have a vast amount of best practices and knowledge that can be utilized to solve your use case.

Or maybe you need a white label blockchain platform for your team to package and run with. We have products, platforms and know-how to provide this for you as well.


After going through a vetting process, we strive to understand exactly what your current needs are, your future vision & goals and work to find the perfect solution and pricing model to fit your budget.

We operate on a results-oriented model with each of our clients.

Pagarba offers fixed pricing, time and materials pricing , hourly support, managed support and customized pricing options.

Reach out for more details.

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