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blockchain technical consulting

Pagarba is a blockchain agnostic firm.

We give best practice insights to any blockchain, AI, & IoT technical project.

Our experts,
combined with our product, strategy & developer network
provide extensive advisory services to ensure the success of your project.

blockchain technology consulting

Full-Stack design & development

Pagarba’s team can provide you with the understanding,  tools and mentoring necessary to create and implement various blockchain business solutions.

Working hand-in-hand with our enterprise consulting team, Pagarba’s technical advisors and computer and data scientists will help you with your
blockchain  protocols, infrastructure, architecture, data integration, and  UI/UX design.

How we work

  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Brainstorming intro call
  • Confirm Scope
  • Confirm Subject Matter Discovery
  • Deep dive into  outlined subjects
  • Collecting Documentation and Current State
  • Analysis
    • Review of Current State
  • Report
    • Documenting Findings
    • Reviewing with Client
  • Strategy
    • Suggesting Changes in Review Session
  • Final Report Created
  • Transferred to Client
  • Planning & Roadmap
  • Next Steps Discussed

this checklist may vary

Interested in Learning More ?

Over the past year we’ve worked with over 15 clients including startups, enterprises, governments, academic institutions and incubators.

We’ve consulted and worked on

  • decentralized exchanges
  • hospital inventory management solutions
  • healthcare medical device tracking systems
  • counterfactual smart contracts
  • permissioned blockchains
  • smart contract gaming and media solution
  • retail supply chain automation
  • smart contract security audits
  • manufacturing IoT and IIoT blockchain solutions
  • financial services cross-border payment wallets
  • smart city blockchain solution
  • hardware and firmware based blockchain security and integration platform
  • as well as token offerings

We’ve established a presence in over 35 countries and accelerated the blockchain adoption of multiple established businesses on a global basis.


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