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Smart Contract Development & Security Audits

Pagarba designs, develops and implements proper full-suite end-to-end penetration testing and auditing to facilitate blockchain and smart contract design, development and deployment to build your project from the ground up.

Let us design and develop your smart contract solution.

Let us Audit your smart contracts and blockchain platforms.

We also have white label software that can be re-purposed for
your use case.

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Smart Contract & Tokenization Security Auditing

We make sure that your platform, protocols, cryptography, side chains, wallets, smart contracts and middleware and overall  tokenization of your project is backed by the best quality of code.

We identify any potential bugs and security flaws. This includes testing for data integrity, data compliance, GDPR and other PII data pain points, we verify integer overflow and underflow, race conditions, DoS attacks, and timestamp dependence.

Our team of blockchain and security experts ensures that your code is readable, consistent, clean, tested and well documented.  We also throw in big data and cloud tests for scalability and availability.

We will review your smart contract architecture with a focus on quality code, security, game theory, incentives, pain points, usability, integration, and complete our service with an top quality audit report.

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Smart Contract Development

  • Client Kickoff Call
  • Requirements hashed out and agreed upon
  • Plan Project Scope and Agile Sprint(s) Schedule
  • Features Defined and Prioritized in Backlog
  • Interactive Report Created
  • Distributed as a Reference
  • Development Sprints every 2 weeks
  • Test Cases Created
  • Test Cases Executed on Testing Network
  • Interactive Report Updated
  • Reviewed with Client
  • Process Repeats as Scheduled until complete
  • Smart Contract(s) Audited
  • Smart Contracts Deployed to Main Net
  • Interactive Report Finalized
  • Code Documentation Released to Client
  • Closing Call & Meeting


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Smart Contract Security Audit

  • Kickoff Call
  • Review Contract to be Audited
  • Key Functionality Review
  • Code Review Process
  • Common Attacks Tested
  • In Depth Review of Vulnerabilities
  • Audit Report Created
  • Review Severity of Vulnerability
  • Explanation and Recommendations
  • Report Sent
  • Reviewed with Client
  • Final call & deliverable audit review & plan

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