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product management consulting

Product Strategy

Pagarba has deep experience rooted in Computer Science and Management Consulting with which we can analyze your technical and business environment and map it to your larger strategic goals. We are strategy and tech agnostic and we will :

  • assess your goals , visions, challenges and identify quick wins
  • take a design thinking agile approach to deliver continuous incremental and automated devops progress
  • accommodate for existing expertise on your team and legacy system integration

Current State Assessment

Assess and Optimize

Optimize Your Product Management Function and Process

  • Define a process to meet your needs
  • Optimize your current process
  • Determine which development processes (agile versus waterfall) are appropriate
  • Analyze and make recommendations for optimizing your current process
  • Leverage Pagarba’s business transformation Product Process to lead you into the future

Competitive & Market Analysis

  • Identify target markets
  • Find White Noise & Market fit
  • Determine markets that are appropriate for your company’s unique talents
  • Perform customer and market research
  • Deep dive analysis and report

Deep Customer Research & Opportunity Analysis

Execute Customer Research to Determine Critical Needs Required for Your Products & Solutions

  • “Quick and dirty” surveys and customer interviews to rapidly and inexpensively validate ideas
  • Market research through secondary research sources such as analyst firms and industry experts
  • Quantify opportunity

Product & Solution Definition

Customer Need this product or Solution …

  • Design Thinking brainstorming & mapping sessions
  • Write User Stories & Customer Mapping strategies based off brainstorming sessions
  • MVP & Pilot planning
  • Write MRDs (Market Requirements Documents)
  • Write PRDs (Product Requirements Documents)
  • Define products & solutions
  • Gather detailed requirements
  • Write high level functional specs
  • Give engineering teams clear and concise information about customer needs
  • Prioritize product backlogs and feature sets into “Must Have”, “Nice to Have” and “Next Release”
  • Develop short-term and long-term product roadmaps
  • Write FAQs

Product Roadmaps

Create Detailed Specific Product Roadmaps & Plans

  • Capture, analyze and prioritize all product & solution requirements
  • Create a 30-60-90 day roadmap and plan
  • Create a 1-2-3 year roadmap and release plan
  • Use best practices such as “Themes” and “Golden Features” to create a well thought out plan

Engineering Guides & Plans

Work with Engineering Teams and Plan out product & solution best practices

  • Determine feature versus schedule tradeoffs
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Make difficult feature decisions
  • Decide whether products  and solutions are ready for first customer ship
  • Engineering team life-cycle management and roadmap resource planning

Beta Programs

Manage Alpha & Beta Customer Programs

  • Go-To-Market MVP strategy and plan
  • After the MVP roadmap, planning and management
  • Write early customer success stories
  • Gather initial product feedback
  • Secure early customer wins to validate additional financing or resource opportunities

Ship Products & go-to marketing strategy

Do All Work Necessary to test, analyze Ship/Release Products Successfully

  • Continue competitive analysis
  • Discover competition weak spots & opportunities
  • Follow Trends & be ahead of curve when it comes to new releases by competitors
  • Define and manage all aspect of the whole product or solution offering
  • Create product go-to-marketing packaging

Product Lifecycle Management

Managed Product releases, bugs, support, fixes, future releases

  • Managed Product lifecycle
  • engineering support
  • devops support
  • managed overall product or solution support