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Software Development & Engineering

Software Development

Business Transformation development to provide the best possible solution for your organization

Our projects follow design thinking, Agile and Scrum software development methodology to ensure rapid delivery of the product or solution

Mobile and Web

We have the experience and skills to make your mobile presence outstanding. We’ve delivered many mobile solutions and Web applications. We know how to deliver usability and great user experience. And we know how to integrate ethereum, bitcoin, blockchain, crypt wallets, KYC/AML within your mobile application

Application development

Producing software is our passion. We know how to proceed from general idea to end product and how to maintain/upgrade existing applications. Top engineering skills are the core of what we do and we are not afraid of any challenges.

Cloud solutions

We specialise in management of the process of transitioning your services to the Cloud. We make sure that through the process of migration making the resulting solution is best suited for real business needs and enables cost savings. We help to take full advantage of the capabilities offered by cloud solution. We have experience with Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, OpenStack, Redhat, docker, kubernetes, Watson, On Premise, and hybrid cloud.

Our core capabilities

Our software engineering & professional services division is comprised of highly experienced engineers.

Here are our core services we can provide:

  • blockchain
  • Internet of things (IOT)
  • firmware
  • c++, rust, golang, python, scala, javasript, react, angular, solidity
  • edge computing
  • big data, hadoop, spark, kafka, messaging
  • LoRa
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Systems Integration
  • Process Engineering
  • Quality Assurance Services
  • Enterprise Security Solutions
  • Systems/Software Development
  • System Engineering & Architecture
  • Compliance (HIPAA, PCI)
  • Product life-cycle management
  • Project Management and Project Management Office