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projects fail

Years ago when I was doing data warehousing and business intelligence you heard this failure story. You heard about excel spread-marts. You heard about most master data management projects failing. Then it became big data , Hadoop and data lakes that didn’t work out . Now you hear it for blockchain and IOT and AI and RPA and digital transformation projects.

It comes down to people, processes and technology. And understanding what works and what doesn’t work. And having executive sponsors buy in to these transformations. But we also need to have a real honest assessment of your organizations strengths , weaknesses , challenges , plans and goals.

People hated IT and IT operations for years cause nobody understood what they did and everything took so long. AWS and the cloud made things simple by point and click and ignore IT. Ignore security or how most of these thing work or what they really cost too.

And hey , Here comes agile and scrum and Kanban and be gone with legacy waterfall minders. But many companies introduced some faux agile methodology or never bought into it at all. It just sounded better to have developers do 2 week sprints.

Blockchain, AI, IoT and digital transformation projects have many other challenges on top of the normal IT and emerging tech challenges. A global study found the majority (56%) of unsuccessful digital transformation and IOT projects were considered a failure within a few months. That’s a few months.

Can you determine real success rates in a month or two ?

Especially when trying to transform a business or introduce edge IOT smart computing that helps change a way a business does things ? Probably not.

But pilots and POCs need to disrupt something in a couple of two week sprints or it’s deemed useless. Oh and business requirements, who really cares about them. Just disrupt something. Or stop us from being disrupted.

Why the rush and how to fix it ?

Well, a major challenge has always been Finding the right people with the right skills and right costs to implement some emerging tech. That’s no different for these digital transformation projects.

Good people Cost too much. Offshore the work to people and firms who are cheaper, but they claim they have all the experts in everything, yet somehow try and implement AI using Java enterprise edition. And then deliver a rules engine with no artificial intelligence. So you hire another cheap offshore firm. They use python and AWS. But they don’t care about your business or data and the AI results stink. And it’s useless. Try again. That process is not going to be successful.

Security and data privacy are huge concerns now. Especially with vulnerable IOT devices. Costs are always a factor. But hiring the right employees or contractors to implement a successful digital transformation project is a huge challenge.

Train up people ? Outsource more ? Get the right business leaders to participate and buy in. These days you can’t just throw it all to “IT” and then blame them when half these processes don’t work while business leaders just punt.

At Pagarba we know many government organizations, hospitals, manufacturers and businesses are serious about digital transformation with blockchain, AI, IoT and the cloud.

We get things done. And done right.