Smart farming on Blockchain

The idea of bringing community back to farming is an interesting concept. Shop and buy local has been a trademark in certain communities spawned by the backlash against a Walmart or other big box franchise stores. Cities like Greenville, SC are already trying to foster a better localized community and startup incubator.

Smart cities and the Internet of things isn’t new. Still a work in progress though and a long way to go . But how can these small Local farms flip the script and change into a more successful community of local farmers. A Community that thrives and grows.

Smart farming is a pie in the sky dream or a realistic endeavor ? Is it organic or raw or not ? Did they use Monsanto seeds or not ? How do they distribute to the next town over? And earn income ? How do they better market, farmers markets ? How do they turn communities with limited access to fruits and vegetables and healthier food into a smorgasbord of red, greens, blues , oranges and yellows ? And how can it all be transparent and immutable ? And smarter ? And affordable?

Smarter farming. Let Pagarba show you how.