What We Do

Computer Vision | AI/ML | blockchain

Pagarba Solutions is a multidisciplinary team of AI scientists and engineers, Computer Vision experts, Security experts, software engineers, management consultants, product managers and blockchain developers providing custom AI, Computer Vision & machine learning solutions.

Working together we can support and advance every aspect of your organization, helping design, scale, manage & optimize essential business processes with AI, Computer Vision & machine learning whether that’s on-premise, in the cloud, at the edge or for mobile or embedded devices.


Purpose built teams comprised of top computer vision & AI leaders, UX designers, software developers & Product development leaders

Whether transforming your ideas into real products & solutions or augmenting your internal teams, our customers trust Pagarba to help build awesome intelligent cutting-edge solutions

How can Computer Vision & AI benefit you ?

computer vision

Quality Inspections Automating Anomaly Detections

  • Automate manufacturing raw material (PCB boards, fabric) production monitoring
  • Optimized & efficient automated manufacturing anomaly & defect detection
  • Agriculture, maritime, retail, food & beverage, automotive, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical processing & steel industries leveraging AI & computer vision for automating, optimizing & scaling visual inspections
  • edge

    Edge Computing

  • Intelligent software deployed on edge automates labor-intensive cycle time monitoring & processing
  • Edge Video Intelligence integrates multiple cameras, CCTV & VMSs (Video Management Systems)  to detect unusual behavior, anomalies, security violations in near real-time
  • Automatically record cycle time data across the entire operation
  • Opens up the possibilities to search, discover & analyze every step of the manufacturing and supply chain processes
  • Save hundreds of weekly human labor hours required for manual cycle time monitoring
  • Optimize production processing by identifying & predicting bottlenecks
  • security

    Sensor + Vision

    • Vision & Sensor anomalies powered by AI, computer vision, edge IOT devices, sensors, CCTV cameras, drones.
    • Detect events and notify security personnel
    • Advanced perimeter monitoring systems with integrated intelligent data (sensor data, cctv video feeds and drone imagery)
    • Triangulate locations for real-time insights
    • A multi-layered multi-purpose safety & security system
    • Intrusion detection
    • Unknown unidentified object & person detection
    • Vehicle detection
    • Asset monitoring and diagnostics with video search & analytics
    • Diagnose asset downtime


    Health, safety & environment (HSE)

  • Vision intelligence for safety & security for many industries worldwide
  • Video anomaly detection
  • Discover anomalies like absence of Safety Masks or PPE
  • or unauthorized guests

    Our Core Service Offerings

    • Product design & development
    • Customer Discovery & competitive analysis
    • Intelligent innovative road mapping & planning
    • Computer Vision
    • Artificial Intelligent Product design & development
    • Edge AI & Connected IOT product design & development
    • Technical Problem Solving
    • Design Thinking Lean Product Development
    • User Experience Design
    • End-to-End product design, development & support
    • Product Strategy & go-to-market
    • Data Privacy & Security regulated industry product design

    Our Process


    Strategy & Discovery

    Define and strategize complex the design challenges, identify key market fit opportunities, establish connected intelligence needs, build product success criteria to manage development risk.


    Concept & Creation

    Develop intelligent & interactive concepts that optimize user experience, usability , functionality, while still adhering to key business objectives.

    Explore use case concepts, evaluate them against success criteria, and validate with key stakeholders and early adopter users.

    product development


    Your ideas transformed

    From an idea to concept into a production solution, working together. Ensure your idea and design intent and success criteria are managed, maintained & achieved throughout product lifecycle.

    Solutions by Focus

    Our customers know we guarantee top quality for their products and solutions that are innovative, intelligent and interactive while aligning with key business goals.

    Boating & Marinas
    Boating & Marinas
    port facility security
    Port Facility Security & Assessment Plan
    Maritime Ports
    Ports & Harbors
    Smart Security
    Smart Security
    drone ai
    AI Drone Inspection



    maritime industry

    Maritime Industry
    ocean, sea, ships, navigation of ships from point A to point B, seafarers, ship owning and other related activities

    An estimated 89.5% of global trade is carried by sea

    Shipping Business
    carriage of cargo from point A to point B using shipst

    cargo that is carried using the shipping services offered by the shipping lines using ships, container ships

    Logistics Services
    processes involved in getting the cargo from the manufacturers warehouse to the receiver’s warehouse including arranging for shipping services offered by the shipping lines

    Supply Chain
    entire process comprising of all aspects in a product lifecycle, from picking of a fruit at a farm or mining raw materials ( Point A) to delivering the fruit or raw material all the way to the shelf at a store using all of the above-mentioned industries, businesses and services.

    basic economic concept involving buying and selling of goods and services, with compensation paid by a buyer to a seller, or the exchange of goods or services between parties