Square crypto lightning wallet sdk api released

Square Crypto—the Bitcoin-focused, crypto venture led by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey—today released the company’s first official product: a Lightning Development Kit (LDK)

The Lightning Development Kit (LDK) gives wallet and application developers a chance to create custom experiences and applications.

LDK will include an API, language bindings, demo apps, and anything else that makes integrating Lightning easy, safe, and configurable.

The API is based on the Rust-Lightning project, which offers clean interfaces and minimal system dependencies.

Rust is also among the safest systems languages, one that will attract developers who can sustain LDK independently of us.

Here’s just some of what LDK will simplify:

  • Adding Lightning capabilities to existing bitcoin wallets — no need to create a separate wallet just for Lightning.
  • Supporting multi-device, multi-application access to a single wallet.
  • Allowing wallets to make UX/security/privacy tradeoffs such as external transaction signing and customizing their state backup to a cloud service.

Today’s Lightning infrastructure is incomplete without features like these.