Virtual Reality on blockchain

Virtual Reality has been around for quite some time now. When I was a kid people spoke about this virtual world. Virtual games. Virtual lives. Early internet portals like Compuserve, Prodigy and AOL made you believe in this future. Even BBS boards and text driven games with monochrome screens made you feel like you were in a different world. Open up your creative Imagination. It was cool and the future. At least we hoped.

The Early games on Commodore 64 and other cloned PC 8088 computers and 300 baud modems were exciting. You were also called a geek and dork by most folks. But Hey when we got a 1200 baud modem, yeah that was awesome.

Playing games and programming in BASIC and turbo Pasal made me dream of being in and buildings worlds like Gauntlet , Ultima III , eye of the beholder , star control 2, wing commander earl weavers baseball , and Pete rose baseball.

Imagine tying to upload and download a large game like Wing commander on dial up back in the day? My friend Dan and I tried to do that. Often. Those were the days.

So what’s any of this have to do with Virtual Reality ?

Creative Imagination to expand the human experience is what power VR and AR holds. Interactive experiences open up an infinite number of imaginary worlds where you are part of the living story. And doing this while never having to leave your own home.

Communicate, collaborate and interact with your long-distance friends and family in ways that were never possible before. We see early successes and awesome possibilities with headsets like oculus and htc vive and Microsoft hololens.

Today, designers , creators and developers can alter a VR or AR experience as per their own interests. It is also important that the developer and players control a huge amount of personal information provided by players. Decentralized Systems and blockchain will be huge for many things going forward , including virtual and augmented reality.

The combination of virtual reality and blockchain can decentralize the future platforms and applications. It changes the dynamic by giving control of the virtual online world back to the players and visitors.

Taking a step back. Virtual reality is more players , visitors and participants. Current and legacy coin terms more like users , watchers , and viewers. An interactive virtual world where Creative Imagination Experiences rule the day is all about visitors, players and participants.

Where are we now ?

There is a second life and Minecraft like virtual world on blockchain now called Decentraland. Visitors and players can buy a plot of virtual land with the platform’s cryptocurrency called ‘MANA’. They can then build anything as per their liking such as a building, house or a virtual neighborhood and then populate it with unique virtual objects.

They can host social events and even turn it into a profitable business if they are forward thinking. The virtual landowners in Decentraland can even monetize their worlds by selling or renting ad space in exchange for MANA.

It’s Early stages now and only works on desktops / laptops and the latency is poor. But it’s still a sign of the ready player One and the matrix future to come.

Taking decentraland virtual world powered by blockchain into consideration, the future value of VR might be more decentralized and open. This might help people understand how crypto actually holds value and can function better in the real world as well. In the virtual world, bitcoin or some other crypto token is governed by incorruptible intelligent smart contracts. As these things improve, many are suspecting a surge of people demanding the exact reality in the real world. People do not want corrupt governments and archaic governance anymore. Coronavirus can further boost this concept because of its social distancing and less contacting measures.

By creating a virtual world that entirely runs on the blockchain, it can help provide a template for ways blockchain functions in the real world. And it just works. Behind the scene. The creative imaginary interactive virtual mixed reality worlds will change the world. For real this time.