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WebXR Development


What is WebXR

XR stands for
Extended Reality”
( AR, VR, MR)

and all other immersive technologies
like mobile devices with positional tracking (geolocation) or fixed display with head tracking abilities, and even haptic technology

The first API standard “WebVR” was introduced in 2016

While WebVR is relatively new, it will be deprecated and superseded by “WebXR” because it only supports VR headsets


WebXR is a new API standard for web developers to create VR or AR applications without having to deal directly with each and every hardware device

Visitors can use a web browser to start viewing VR/AR content

No need to install extra plugins, software or a mobile app

XR is all about interactive visitors not just viewers

Developers write code once and it works with all devices from different brands (Oculus, Vive, Windows Mixed VR)


WebXR was introduced in 2018

Some capabilities of WebXR

  • Recognize compatible VR/AR devices
  • Render 3D scene to the devices at an appropriate frame rate (usually 90 fps for headsets)
  • Mirror output to 2D display (monitors)
  • Create vectors representing the movement of input controls (move the scene based on head movement)

Most (if not all) of applications will be using WebGL as 3D rendering engine. Think Three.js and Web Audio API for sounds

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