What do you need security APIs for ?

This, That and the other thing what are Security APIs really good for ?

For one, Detecting and cleaning malware and viruses. Many malware API services are useful for detecting types of malicious files and code injections in web applications.

Get notifications and alerts quickly when a new application is infected with some 3rd party illegal code.

The Second useful thing of security APis are Being able to explore surface attack areas.

Certain Security APIs allow you to explore and audit DNS records, IP addresses and domain names.

This In turn, enables you to find abnormal changes to your DNS infrastructure and possibly prevent harmful activities such as domain hijacking. Other possibilities may include finding stale DNS records, reviewing SSL certificate information, etc.

Third on our list is being able to Explore the reputation of a website.

This type of security API is useful for detecting phishing domains or discovering pages that are related to uncommon downloads, infected networks, etc.

Fourth on our list is related to information fraud Investigations.

If you work for a public or private security agency, using security APIs will enable you to research for various fraudulent activities and help track down the culprits behind it. Integrate some text analytics, NLP and machine learning functions to help find and discover outliers.

Fifth is monitoring your brand and reputation.

Plenty of big time and smaller Influencers care about this. Small, medium and large Commercial enterprises worry about Brand reputation in various ways. Especially with social media outbursts by employees , founders and executives. Fake news and deep fake videos. So monitoring and keeping an inventory of your brands reputation is paramount.

In an era where everyone wants to be a thought leader and life coach or instagram influencer Is someone using your name illegally? Better to Find and report illegal usage of any brand name or trademark registered by you or your company within seconds. Vs a

Week later.

Sixth can be something like finding and researching Copyright violations.

Quick search and analysis from 3rd party websites that are using your copyrighted materials is helpful. Maybe locating the IP addresses, Internet archives, domain names and historical web hosting checking features to find the real people behind these illegal operations.

We all know the seventh use case , bug and bounty programs and rewards ,

has been a popular thing in crypto and blockchain. Developers and hackers participate in these bug and bounty programs to show their skills and possibly earn money or a job with their knowledge and skills. Security APIs are the perfect tool for these white hat hackers seeking valuable reconnaissance information about their targets. Even capture the flag like events can be fun and interesting.

So there you go , security APIs and what they can be used for. Pagarba does IOT and hospital security audits , medical device and IOT penetration testing as well as facility security risk assessments.