Why the Internet of Life Saving Things (IoLST) is the future

Another day and another internet of everything talk or article or conversation. Yet helping save lives and cleaning up the environment and improving our communities is not only key for a better tomorrow, but any tomorrow.

What is this Internet of Life Saving Things (IoLST) anyway ?

It falls under the umbrella of the Internet of Things, also known as IOT, but geared toward solutions for the public safety and first responders sector.

IoLST is all about helping save lives and improving communities through digital transformative processes and automation. It may include emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, IOT, LoraWAN, software defined radio , quantum computing, digital twins , augmented and virtual reality, smart sensors and devices, the cloud, mesh networking, as well as 3d printing. But it’s not just about technology and normal city government and business processes.

It’s all about the people and their communities. Digital transformation doesn’t work without the people. And the Internet of Life Saving Things helps save lives and improve communities by making sure the first responders, healthcare professionals, and city and community officials can protect the people and their property. The technology aspect helps make their jobs a little less chaotic and more efficient.

It’s enabling communities to be better prepared for natural and man made disasters and normal everyday occurrences.

IoLST and smarter communities is all about living and breathing the ideals and philosophies of a better, healthier, and safer today and tomorrow. Every neighborhood can be a safer, cleaner and self-Sufficient thriving community.

IoLST products and solutions could improve police officers’ ability to gather evidence and solve crimes. IoLST solutions can help accelerate the response of EMS personnel to motor vehicle collisions.

The digital transformation aspect helps protect firefighters from harm, or even alert healthcare professionals to dangerous changes to the vital signs of their patients recovering from an emergency while at home. 

IoLST products and solutions expand upon normal tech , IOT tech and everyday city wide daily processes. Smarter connected street lamps and traffic lights. CCTV, tiny cameras , wearables like fitbits and Apple watches, and drones all help transform a community.

Going even further, the Deep Edge IoLST products, solutions and applications may use mesh networking, 5G, as well as small, processing- and power-constrained edge devices that are deeply embedded in assets that will monitor a police officer’s heartbeat, cities automobile and foot traffic , and help paramedics measure vital signs.

Sensors and actuators that can detect a vehicle collision at a busy intersection, and automatically propose detours.

The Internet of Life Saving Things is here. It’s coming. It’s Tomorrow already today.