Why you need Lora, LoraWAN, Mesh and blockchain

At Pagarba(Pagarba.io) we love LoRa Mesh And LoraWAN. Some of our projects utilizing these protocols and technologies has helped build better systems for hospitals. A hospital needs to track medical devices , beds, equipment, medicines and toiletries. If you dive into how commercial real estate buildings and plazas need to be smarter and safe and energy efficient , Lora Mesh, LoraWAN, blockchain and AI lead the way.

Think More intelligent building infrastructure without needing to rebuild your building from scratch. Just add Lora.

We’ve worked on projects with Lora, Lora Mesh, LoraWAN, and blockchain smart contracts integrated with LoraWAN and RFID tags to better track hospital medical devices and equipment. Other projects integrated blockchain, artificial intelligence, IOT, Lora Mesh and decentralized Mesh technologies for smart water metering, smart energy metering , better monitoring and analytics for heating and cooling systems.

We improved building and construction management and maintenance by integrating LoraWAn with machine learning. Automation was key for better building safety and security standards and features, better space utilization and asset tracking optimization. Smarter and safer elevators during hurricanes and earthquakes with products like HopeBox.

What is LoRa ?

LORA mesh is different than Zigbee or other short range RF technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi. Because LoRa does not require property management companies to use building installers to deploy the network or highly-skilled technicians to manage it. It’s also unlocked radio frequency vs Zigbee and SigFox which are not open frequencies or open source.

LoRA offers hospitals or commercial building owners and management the ability to reduce costs while generating new sources of revenue by optimizing energy costs and increasing commercial tenant satisfaction to achieve higher property values and rents.Or create a better personalized well run hospital with optimized inventory management and tracking.

That’s all great, but why LoRa ?

LoRa’s advantages include very low asset deployment costs due to a need for fewer gateways and repeaters when compared with WiFi or Bluetooth. A single gateway can cover an entire loT or IIOT system. Imagine your entire building, even entire campus , such as underground parking garages, multi unit buildings and facilities , large airport like manufacturing plant , even an airport or sports stadium and surrounding facilities and neighborhoods. There is no expensive need for a complex system coverage analysis. There is no need for a complicated power source wiring system because LoRa has a protocol for low power consumption and long battery life characteristics.

With things like AES-128 encryption built in and public and private key blockchain technology integration, it’s far more secure than some open WiFI network.

It is also the only commercially available solution that features free GPS service at no extra power cost and operator free spectrum ISM bands making a low-cost solution for smart buildings and intelligent hospitals.