Wrong wrong and inaccurate articles on blockchain

If you read articles like this ,


It gives you hope companies are becoming more interested in utilizing blockchain for real world use cases and not pretend another gambling prediction site. And yet you see things like this

While FoodChain is built on Hyperledger Fabric (based on Ethereum), and has its own internal token called CAL, Auchan will only rely on its blockchain technology – and won’t be using the token.

It appears bigger companies like Auchan aren’t really keen on using tokens for anything (yet).”

Hyperledger isn’t ethereum at all. They are really not even close to being similar. Hyperledger is a private permissioned blockchain and Hyperledger fabric is IBMs private DLT. It doesn’t even require tokens or the concept of crypto.

In fact IBM plays a big part in hyperledger and didn’t even like crypto or tokens. Now they partnered or will be partnering with Stellar for some payment capabilities, but far different than some weird way to be totally inaccurate on what this application above was trying to do.

I wonder if David Canellis is clueless or a shill for said firms. Because his article is absurd in explaining hyperledger and ethereum as one really.